Jessica Kobeissi is a Lebanese and American photographer that does youtube videos on fashion and portrait photography, with tutorials and photoshop editing tips. I came across her channel a while back and ended up binge watching a couple of her videos out of interest and in attempt to learn a few skills. 


One specific video that caught my attention was the one we're talking about today, which is how you can DIY a mini studio background at home. Seeing how incredible the images came out really inspired me, and it shows how there are no limitations or any reason to stop you from creating. This also a really cool tip for those of you who love posting high quality shots on Instagram. This will give you ideas for very Instagramable backgrounds


With the right lighting and a specific vision in mind, you can play around with a little corner in your room and create something beautiful, whether it's for a work project, your blog or an Instagram post you want to take to the next level. 

Watch the video below to see how to set up a cheap photo studio at home with backdrop ideas.



Video and Main Image Credits: Instagram @jessicakobeissi