Petites sometimes struggle with styling because they're unsure about oversized clothes, for example, and what suits their petitness and what doesn't. The truth is you can wear whatever you want, it's just about a few tips and tricks to help you with styling so you can elongate your body if you'd like to. So, today we're showing you a few fashion tips for petite women...

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Petite Style Guide: 

1. Petite women are recommended to wear high-waisted bottoms


Image Credits: Instagram @naomiboyer

High-waisted shorts, skirts, and pants give an impression that your legs are longer. 

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2. Wear vertically striped clothes


Image Credits: Instagram @daliansouli

Vertical stripes are elongating and sliming, so it's a flattering choice. 

3. Petite girls and large bags are not a good mix

Large bags can sometimes hide most of your body, so they will could make you look smaller. It doesn't mean you can't rock a large bag just make you balance it out by wearing an outfit that elongates and has volume.

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4. Wide belts

Just like large bags, wide belts need balance. So wear them with a dress that has ruffles so that there's volume to the look and the wide belt doesn't drown out everything else. 

5. Straight-legged pants are the perfect fit for petite girls


Image Credits: Via Pinterest

Flared pants can make the legs look shorter, so pick either straight-legged pants or skinny pants, they're really flattering.

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6. Oversized clothes

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7. Pointy shoes are a plus!


Image Credits: Elle

Pointy shoes will elongate your legs. Also, long necklaces will give you a longer looking neck, and upper body. 

8. High heels are your best friend

You have a green card to wear high heels as much as you want, and you can substitute painful heels, with comfy wedges.

9. Wear the right neckline 


Image Credits: Instagram @arianagrande

The best neckline for petite girls is either the V or U neck, as they give the impression that your upper body part is long.

Main Image Credits: Instagram: @daliansouli