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| by Farida Abdel Malek

Friday Fashion Fits: Learn How You Can Wear Oversized Sweaters with Anything

A lot of people wonder how big should an oversized sweater be? And the answer to that is that as big as you want. With oversized sweaters you've got to try them on and see if you're comfortable with how it looks and feels or not. But actually sometimes the bigger it is, the more of a statement it is and in my opinion the cooler it is. However, there still remains the question of how to wear oversized sweaters and how to style them for different occasions and with different clothing items. 

How to wear oversized sweaters with jeans


There a couple of ways to wear oversized sweaters with jeans. Of course it depends on your sweater and denim fit, but you can try tucking it in, you can do a half tuck leaving a slouching part of the sweater handing out. And you can also leave it outside over straight jeans, but it's better if they're fitted, not too baggy so there's a bit of balance.

How to wear oversized sweaters for a night/party look


An oversized sweater might be perceived as a casual clothing item, but it is actually very cool and modern to pair it with something a little more dressy for a party or night look. I personally like doing this trick when I want to 'casualize' an outfit or make my skirt or pants look less dressy or formal. 

Tips for oversized sweaters on Petites


I know a lot of petites who are not comfortable with wearing anything oversized. So an oversized sweater might be a bit of a question mark. However, there are several ways you can wear it comfortably. You can wear it like a sweater dress with tights or with a belt to give it more structure. You can also go for a short or cropped oversized sweater, that is less oversized at the body but more puffy and slouchy on the sleeves. You can also check out here how Ariana Grande breaks all petite fashion rules so well...

How to wear oversized sweaters for a formal look


I know it's a very casual sweater, but you can actually pull a few tricks up your sleeve to style it for formal, more put together look. An oversized sweater with a turtleneck is very chic and you can pair it with chic skirt and stilettos. If you have a more statement baggy sweater, wear a shirt or Peter Pan  collar under it. It will give it a more formal look, especially if you wear it with culottes. 

Monochrome oversized sweater outfit


A PJ look made chic. This is the perfect outfit for a comfortable day out that still looks incredibly chic. I can envision this as something Meghan Markle would wear when she has people over for a casual dinner party. Also, monochrome is really in and has been for a while and is probably not going anywhere. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @blaireadiebee

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