Women with short height or as we might call them "petite" are always mistaken for having to wear a certain style and stay away from specific fashion choices. It doesn't make sense that they should be deprived to wear anything they like just because they (or people around them) believe that it won't be stylish. A trend such as the over-sized jackets is something that almost everyone thinks a short girl shouldn't be wearing. Well, the trick lies in how you do it. Keep reading if you need to know how a petite girl can wear whatever she likes while staying in style.

1. Printed clothes

I heard a lot that petite women can't wear this kind of clothing since it might make them look even smaller. Here lies the trick: Follow the 'hand grip' technique when you choose your clothes. In other words, make sure to pick a print that isn't larger than the size of your hand when it's in the gripping position. This way, you will always pick prints that match you the most. You'll be surprised how this technique works every single time!

2. Colorful clothes

It is so common that petite girls never wear too colorful clothes. The tip is to wear more than one shade of the same color. For example, you can wear a mint green blouse on a dark green pair of trousers, and so on. Try it, and thank me later!

3. Specific cuts

A short girl is often told to stay away from certain cuts. V-cuts, for example, could be worn in a smarter way other than just putting on a V-necked blouse. This could be achieved by doing the first button of your blazer/cardigan even if you are wearing a round neck underneath your jacket. Do this and voila!

4. Over-Sized clothes

Don't be afraid to wear over-sized clothes especially jackets. Just make sure to choose pieces that have longitudinal lines; they will attract attention the most and give the feeling that that you are taller.

5. Long jackets/coats

If you are petite, you've probably been warned a hundred times not to wear long upper pieces. Well, international stylists ensure that wearing long jackets and blouses are totally okay for petite ladies as long as they match them with short skirts or shorts.

Main image credits: purejoyhome.com