The beauty world is saying that eyeliner is back, but has eyeliner actually ever stopped trending. It's a makeup world essential that will always have its significant place on our eyes. Yes we do go through phases of leaving the liner for the statement eye shadow look but we will always miss the feline sexy shape it brings to our eyes.

I've been following makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes on Instagram and loving her makeup looks, even more, I've been loving her makeup tricks. She mentioned this eyeliner trick that blew my mind and I tried it this morning and had to write about how it's going to be life-changing for me.


Almost everyone I know still struggles with winged liner, especially if you have hooded eyes or a fold where the wing should be. Katie suggests instead of leaning your head back and exposing your lid, to rest your eyes completely and look forward so that you actually apply the wing over the fold or crease in your eye.


In this video tutorial, she explains the trick from 2:50 to 4:17. It is a great tip for mature or hooded eyes. I don't have a lot of lid space and when I tried this trick...well, my liner has never looked better. It gave me the gorgeous eye shape I always dreamed of having, and I can't quite believe how easy it is. I will be sharing this with everyone I know.

Image Credits: Instagram @ katiejanehughes