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| by The Fustany Team

The Jewelry Trends You Can Start Wearing in Fall/Winter 2020

Accessories and jewelry have always been the perfect way to completely transform and enhance an outfit. And thankfully we've been seeing that with fall trends 2019 and winter trends 2020, when it comes to accessories it's go big or go home. Everything statement and glamorous is in, even with dainty jewelry, you will find a statement hidden somewhere...This year's accessories trends are exciting and the jewelry is all about adding those touches of elegance and fun to your looks. Take a look. 

Necklaces Trends

Huge Statement Jewelry


It's is all about statement pieces that take your breath away and necklaces were really the star of the show with big statement dramatic pieces that made the look mostly about the necklace. Statement jewelry was also seen with bangles and dramatic ear cuffs. 



Yes, I know what you're thinking, "Chokers? Again?". This time they're different and bigger and better than ever before. They're back with a lot of detail, sophistication and punk-rock influence.  

Chokers with Colored Stones


On the calmer side, chokers have been popular with a more bejeweled, glamorous look, perfect for evening wear and incredibly flattering. This trend is all about colored stones in a choker and the rainbow trend fits perfectly with this accessory as well. 

Layered Necklaces


Remember layering necklaces? Who in the world didn't love that and is so glad it's back. The best thing about this trend is that is suits 2 different tastes: It looks beautiful with simple, 'barely there', dainty necklaces and looks amazing as well with chunky dramatic necklaces, which brings us to our next trend. 



Chains are everywhere! Not just as necklaces. They've been so popular recently and the best thing about them is that they go with a lot of outfits and are easily to style and can really easily make an outfit look really cool. 

Earrings Trends

Hoop Earrings


Hoops, we know this is not a new one, they've been back for a while now and everyone's loving them. This season they've gotten bigger and actually in some cases chunkier and bolder. And we know we don't need to tell you how flattering hoop earrings are.

Mismatched Earrings


This is a very popular one at the Fustany office. A lot of people shy away from trying out something like that, so our advice to you would be to buy a ready-made mismatched set before you start mixing and matching the ones you have. That way, you can feel more confident in how they pair together. 

Glam Tassels


Rhinestones in long dangling earrings have been trending for a while and these tassel style earrings can easily promise you to make most outfits look 10x better. 

Shoulder Length Earrings


Let your earrings touch your shoulder. That pretty much sums up this trend. Really really really...really long earring are a trend this year and we couldn't be more excited. This trend has been a joy to see on the runway with all the fun and different types of shoulder length earrings by brands at fashion week. 



This classic accessory has come back, either as a shiny glam statement or a chic influence of the past, like Chanel. I know what you're thinking, "First, I don't own a brooch and second how am I supposed to style them?" Thankfully we had written an article about how to wear your earrings as brooches a while back, check it out

Pearl Jewelry


In all seasons, shapes, sizes, forms and accessories, pearls are trending like crazy. The pearls accessories are not necessarily looking like classic pearls, but more abstract and interesting. The best thing about this trend is that every piece looks unique and one of a kind. 

Boho Accessories


Boho chic was seen a lot on the runway this season, especially with accessories, at brands like Etro and Roland Mouret. Who doesn't love dramatic loud necklaces, buckles and strong silver earrings?

Main Image Credits: Instagram @anitabjewelry

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