Make Your Pick From the Latest Denim Jeans Trends for 2020-2021

Jasmine Kamal
9/22/20, 12:00 AM

Thinking of revamping your wardrobe and buying some of the latest denim trends? Even though jeans are a classic, jeans trends come and go. Yes they last a while, but there's always a new trend to look out for and try. So we've gathered some of the best jeans trends for 2020-2021...

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Denim Jeans Trends 2020-2021:

1. Different kinds of cropped jeans


Yes, cropped jeans are still here to stay in a lot of different styles; slim, wide and straight. Get your hands on one!

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2. Baggy jeans trend


Do you remember years ago when the baggy jeans were THE thing. I personally had a pair. Anyways, they're a big trend for 2020 and the new year in different styles and colors. 

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3. Slouchy jeans trend


Slouchy jeans have been a very hot trend lately, you'll find a lot of fashion bloggers wearing them. They're mostly the same fit and style, but they come a lot of different colors and washes.

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4. Flared jeans


We can't help but talk about flared jeans, they've been back for a while now and along with being somewhat of a cool statement, they're great for elongating the figure.

5. Pleated jeans


Pleats in jeans are just as awesome as with skirts, they give the pants a very unique flattering look, no matter how simple they are. They can also completely turn around a look. The pleats can be only at the pocket or along the length of the pants.

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6. Two Tone jeans trend


This trend is a bold girl's next favorite thing. Instead of wearing your regular jeans just as is, find your statement in a two toned one, that you can still wear casually but with an added flair. 

7. Patchwork jeans trend


Patchwork denim is really popular and who doesn't love a play on different fabrics and constrasting colors? The jeans look really cool and unique and are the easiest way to make your outfit stand out.


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