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Friday Fashion Fits: 36 Petite Outfit Ideas for Styling Oversized Shirts

Farida Abdel Malek
9/4/20, 12:00 AM

My friends are always looking for petite styling tips and they seem to stay completely away from anything oversized, especially oversized shirts. However, you know us... We're on a mission to show everyone how they can wear anything they want with the right styling tips. So, today we're showing you how to style oversized shirts for petites. Take a look...

4 Smart Tips on How to Style Oversized Shirts

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Don't forget to scroll down to the gallery below for 36 petite outfit ideas for oversized shirts...

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The classic oversized shirt and jeans, pants or shorts 


How to wear an oversized shirt with jeans, pants and shorts for petites? Well this classic outfit might be a bit of a puzzle for petites because they often feel that the oversized shirt overwhelms the outfit and drowns it. However, as we can see here there are very intelligent petite styling tricks to help you wear them comfortably. Petite styling master Dalia Nsouli does a trick we love, which is wearing an oversized half sleeve shirt. That way there isn't too much fabric to take over the look. Also styling your shirt with leggings or wearing shorts with a statement belt will really help balance the look and control the oversized-ness. Another trick we like is keeping your shirt open and fitted effortlessly, like the outfit in the middle. You can also tuck the front part in to show your shorts and give your legs more space and length. 

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Keep it open


This is another trick I love, which keeping the shirt open, like a cardigan. It's incredibly flattering and perfect for beach wear. It's really flattering on petites and you can wear fitted tops and structured peices under it, if you're not wearing a swimsuit. This also allows for the look to be more balanced and for the size of the shirt to not take over your figure and body, while still having that sexy appeal and chicness of an oversized shirt.

An interesting take on an oversized shirt


We found that wearing unique designs like these, that we think still fit under the umbrella of an oversized shirt, really helps with petites as well. Wearing a shirt that's cinched at the waist, has shoulder details or cutouts, brings attention to other features in the shirt and balances out it's size. 

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Play around with it


Don't limit yourself to how you can wear or style your shirt. It's such a versatile piece that you can wear over and under things. You can wear a crop top over it or overalls. You can also allow it to come through under your slit skirt or tie it at the front into a knot. All of these tricks will allow you to wear an oversized shirt more often. And the additional pieces bring the look together and add more stucture to the shirt. 

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The shirt dress


Why are we forgetting about shirt dresses? We know this might not make sense to you, since this piece is bigger than the shirt, but beleive me it's all about styling. When you try a shirt dress you'll realize how much easier it's going to be for you to throw it on because you don't have to worry about what you're going to wear underneath. Showing a bit of leg will balance it out and if it's too long, a nice pair of heels, or belt at the waist will do the trick. Don't forget the power of accessorizing. 


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