We all have days where we wake up wanting to feel comfortable, putting on an oversized shirt and calling it a day. While this style is so comfortable, roomy, and goes with different body shapes, it is, in fact, a tad tricky to style without looking a bit sloppy, this is why I’ve gathered for you today some ideas to help you wear and style oversized shirts properly.

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 How to style oversized shirts

Ideas to style oversized shirts with pants


If you choose to wear an oversized sweatshirt then it would go better with straight, flared, mom jeans or pretty much any pants that are not too tight can do the trick as long as you pick the right shade or print. As for oversized button-up shirts the rule goes the other way around you can still pull off flared and boyfriend jeans, but the more fit the pants are on you, the easier it is for you to style it without looking messy.

Oversized shirts on skirts


This look is actually my favorite, and for all the girls who want to wear skirts without looking too girly, this is for you too. I’ve given you three different street styles to wear this look, you can rock a mini skirt under an oversized long-sleeved T-shirt, an oversized t-shirt with a midi patterned skirt and converse or a tennis skirt with a sweatshirt, and for some bonus points...layer a shirt with a collar under it and add a bold necklace.

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Oversized shirts with biker shorts


Biker shorts and oversized shirts are literally best friends, they make the perfect match and are perfect for running errands in style. And because biker shorts are making a huge comeback, I am asking you to give this look a chance, try this style with some crew socks, sneakers and thank me later.

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Oversized T-shirt dresses


You’ve probably worn this before, but it’s time to take it out of your bedroom and into the world. If you don’t already have a t-shirt dress, choose an oversized t-shirt that is long enough to be a dress and wide enough to give you the cool urban vibe. You can style this look with sneakers or platform sandals, depending on the look you’re aiming to achieve.

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