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| by Jasmine Kamal

9 Different Ways You Can Wear Crop Tops With the Hijab

Crop tops are such a cute summer piece and our favorite thing about them is what we've been seeing lately from creative ways of layering crop top over shirts and dresses, which are perfect for hijabis. If you're looking for cute summer outfit ideas, don't dismiss the idea and check out here how to layer a crop top and how to wear crop tops with hijab

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How to wear crop tops with hijab:

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1. Layering a crop top over a white shirt


It is the easiest and also the most popular way of layering crop tops. Who doesn't have a simple white shirt? If not, you can borrow you husband's or dad's. Just wear your crop top over it, leaving the shirt effortless and loose. You can wear it with jeans, any pants or even a skirt.

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2. Another way to wear a crop top over a white shirt


Another way is to actually tuck your shirt in with only the sleeves and collar showing. This will give you a very different look but it's also equally cool and wearable. 

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3. Layering a crop top over a dress


If have a long dress that you want to give some charm, wear a crop top over it for a cool modern look. You can wear a hijab that is of the same color as the top or in shade that gives a nice contrast with it.

4. Styling crop tops with a skirt for a hijab outfit


This is a trick that many fashion bloggers have been doing which is wearing a pleated skirt with a long blouse under the crop top. It looks like a cool dress or ensemble. You can also wear it with a high waisted skirt if you don't like long shirts or blouses.

5. How to wear a crop top with wide pants


We love this look, wearing a crop top with wide legged pants. If you don't want a skirt or dress or even oversized shirts, this will be your go to. You can even match your top to the pants, wearing them in the same color family.

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6. Layering a crop top over a black shirt


We just talked about wearing a crop top with a white shirt. You can switch that out for a black shirt. It's a simple unique look and you can go monochrome with it and wear it with a black top for a really cool modern look.

7. Hijab crop top casual outfit


If you're looking for something you can wear on a daily basis that's casual but chic. This is a great outfit option. Go for nudes like beiges and browns with a white shirt. You can also tone down the look with sneakers. 

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8. A modern crop top hijab outfit 


Puff sleeves are everywhere now. So how about wearing them with a crop top? Especially if it's a one shoulder crop top like this one. We absolutely love it! Accessorize simply and head out. 

9. Monochrome crop top outfit


You already know we love monochrome hijab outfits and this one is exceptional. Play around with prints to give it an edge and contrast with the crop top. Go for a neutral colored bag and shoes.

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