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Awesome Sportswear Brands Every Hijabi Woman Should Check out

Mariam Youssef
8/2/22, 5:00 PM

Whether you like to work out at the gym or home, it is nice to have a few sportswear options in your wardrobe. However, these options become limited when you constantly visit the gym, in which you need modest sportswear that is appropriate for your hijab. Therefore, we decided to share some local and international brands that have awesome modest sportswear for hijabis. These brands are not only specialized in clothes; some provide sports shoes and other products you may need for your workout sessions. That said, keep reading to know more about these brands and their products.


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From advanced athletes’ sportswear to beginners’ necessities, Magma offers a wide range of options for everyone. Their classic long sleeves and colorful print leggings can make any woman look dashing. They’re so elegant as well as modest, which is exactly what every hijabi is looking for in sportswear.

Libra Sport

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In addition to their recent modest swimwear collection, Libra Sport provides every woman with the modest sportswear she’s looking for. Their headwear caters to every hijabi with different styles, colors, and prints. You can also find a variety of performance tops and leggings that suit your style and preferences.

Sporty Pro

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Their performance tops and unique leggings are your workout best friend. Sporty Pro doesn’t only provide you with clothes, they also have a wide selection of local and international sports shoes that complete your full outfit.

Rebel Locker

If you’re looking for authentic footwear that matches your sportswear and is sturdy enough for your high-intensity workout, this brand has got you covered. Their huge selection of sports shoes from several well-known brands like Nike, Puma, and Adidas will surely appeal to you.

Sportaj Sports Wear

“Witness the fitness” is their slogan and their sportswear is truly suitable for all hijabis. Whether you visit the gym constantly, practice morning running, or simply like to go out with sportswear, this brand will suit you. Their oversized sweatshirts, colorful leggings, and net jackets make this brand stand out in today’s market.


This is a local brand that makes excellent sports shoes that will go perfectly with your sportswear. They have a variety of styles and designs that suit all tastes. They also have international brands stocked in their shop, such as Nike. Moreover, this brand has a nice selection of water bottles that you may need while working out.

Izzy Apparel

Proudly made in Egypt, this brand offers what every hijabi is looking for. From modesty, to versatility, to elegance, Izzy Apparel has got what you’re searching for. Their stylish tracksuits, leggings, jackets, and performance tops are made with high-quality and sturdy fabrics.


While they’re not specialized in sportswear, Freesia offers a number of comfy sets and sweatshirts that can be excellent for working out or for morning walks.


Needless to say, Nike’s sportswear is one of the best in the market due to its quality and variety of designs. This international brand can be on the pricey side, but its products speak for themselves. Every hijabi woman can find suitable sportswear that makes her look elegant and modest at the same time.


Another brand that never fails to astonish us with its great quality and different styles is Adidas. You can find amazing sportswear that is appropriate for hijabis. Many hijabi bloggers purchase Adidas sports products for their amazing quality and everlasting elegance.



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