Besides being a great tool for keeping the sun out of your face, they're also great for hiding a bad hair day and caps look really cool. However, I personally never wear them because every time I put one on I feel like I look 12 again. But, since you guys voted for how to style caps this week, I found some fashion tips online for how to make them look chic. 

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Caps and Hoops


This is a classic in the fashion world. They just really go well together, and hoops can quickly take them from looking too sporty or too simple to fashionable and chic. You can start off small with tiny hoops, if you're unsure and then build your way up. 

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Contrast with feminine and chic


I really loved the contrast between wearing something really feminine, like a lace top, or something really chic and sophisticated, like an oversized blazer, and then pairing it with a baseball cap. There's something about that conflict that makes them really compliment and balance each other out. 

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How to wear caps with hijab


For hijabs you can go traditional, like on the right, by wearing your hijab turban style and topping it with the hat. Or you can do something a little unconventional by actually wrapping your scarf over the cap!

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Sporty Chic


Then of course there's the safest option that looks just as good, which is going full on sporty, but 'make it chic'. Activewear has become a fashion statement on it's own, so don't the sportswear hold you back from taking a few #OOTD's. 

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