Never put a foot wrong again, because I got you a list of the 10 shoes that every woman should own! I know that it might be tempting to have a shoe closet full of statement heels or pile up on ballerina flats because they're just so comfy. However, you need to invest in a shoe collection, which includes the basic types of shoes that every woman should have. That way, you'll be ready for any occasion with the perfect pair of shoes to match your look. Now check out the 10 necessary and classic types of shoes every woman should own, and complete your collection if you have any missing!

10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

1. Nude Pumps

A pair of nude pumps will "literally" go with everything! Need a styling trick to elongate your legs? Wear a pair of nude pumps, and you'll instantly create an illusion of longer legs, that's why they're one of the most flattering types of shoes that you should own. Make sure to pick the nude pumps with a shade that matches your skin tone, preferably with a low cut from the front, to trick the eyes into thinking your legs are actually longer. A pointy toe is always a plus!

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2. Black Sandals


Black sandals are essential in the list of shoes that everyone should own because they can take you from a day to night look; you can wear them all day at work and still have them on for your girls' night out. No shoe collection is complete without a pair of black sandals, so pick a sleek style that has comfortable heels, with slim straps. The wider the ankle straps, the shorter your legs will look.

3. Statement Heels


Do you get dressed from the shoes up?  You probably will in 2020 as statement heels will make you want to put on your shoes first, and then decide on your whole outfit! Pick a pair of heels that's eye-catching, it could be pumped with a print, a vibrant color, quirky fabric, or unexpected details. Statement heels are the type of shoes that lift up your mood when you wear them, instant happy feet!

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4. Animal Printed Shoes

Animal printed shoes are an essential finishing touch to all your evening looks. Whether silver-toned or gold-toned, every woman definitely needs a pair of sexy animal printed pumps to go with her glamorous looks, for parties and work looks. Bear in mind that your animal print heels need to be comfortable, because most probably they will go with everything, and you'll wear them a lot.

5. Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are the type of shoes that you can wear day or night, year-round. They will work for the office, for running errands, and even for a hangout with your family or friends, as they're an elegant alternative to high heels. Invest in a pair of ballet flats that are comfortable, with soft leather and a cushioned insole. Black, red, beige, or leopard-print ballet flats are the most popular choices, as they match with the majority of outfits.

6. Flat Sandals

You can't survive the summertime without a pair of flat sandals! Work your summer outfits in 2020 with flat sandals, that are preferably embellished or in a fun color for an outstanding look. The most important thing to remember is that sandals and pedicures go hand-in-hand, so don't forget to wear your pretty flat sandals with a cool shade of nail polish on.

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7. Loafers

A lot of girls prefer to go for a simple shoe with a formal 'Male-ish' style. That's why they go for loafers, as it will definitely go with all the work outfits. Even if you're still a student you can still pair them with casual outfits and look fabulous.

8. Ankle Boots

When the weather starts transitioning from summer to fall, and from winter to spring, ankle boots will always be there for you! Pick ankle boots with a neutral shade for a cow-boy inspired look, or get them black with buckles and zippers for a biker-look.

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9. Knee Boots

Knee boots that look like riding shoes are an absolute must-have for your winter looks. A flat knee boot will protect you from the chilly weather, worn with thick tights or leggings. Go for black or brown leather knee boots, as they could stay in shape a lot more than suede. 

10. Sneakers

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A list of shoes that everyone should have is not complete without sneakers! Gone are the days when sneakers were only worn with sportswear, so make sure your shoe closet includes a pair of sneakers because they're on trend now more than ever. Wear your sneakers with everything from jeans, to skirts and dresses. As a start, invest in a classic pair of sneakers from Converse, Nike, Adidas or Vans, and then you can grow your sneaker collection by adding more statement options.

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