Friday Fashion Fits: The Ugly Sneakers Styling Tips You Need to Know

Farida Abdel Malek
2/28/20, 12:00 AM

Even though we generally consider sneakers as something that is easy to style, these aren't any sneakers...The ugly sneakers trend didn't die young and is still going strong and gaining more and more likability. However, they're very different from a lot of our footwear and you wanted us to show you how to wear ugly sneakers and style them with the things you wear every week. So here we go...

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Don't forget to scroll down to the gallery below for some ugly sneakers outfit ideas...

Here's what to wear with Ugly Sneakers: 

Color styling tips for Ugly Sneakers


When it comes to color, there are 2 directions you can take. The first is to go neutral or pick something in your outfit that matches an accent in the sneakers. The second is to go big and for contrast by color blocking and wearing different colors that will pop against each other, including the sneakers. 

Wearing Ugly Sneakers with sweat pants


In my opinion they look the best with a jogger outfit and sweatpants. I know sweatpants are a controversial clothing item, but let's face it, it's 2020 and girls these days can make anything look chic. Go for matching a hoodie and sweats, and your sneakers will do the rest of the work for you.  Warning this outfit maybe too comfy and you will be inclined towards laying on the couch doing nothing all day.

How to wear Ugly Sneakers with a suit or blazer


To everyone's surprise, including myself, thanks to street style turns out ugly sneakers look unbelievably cool with blazers. For a more casual blazer look, go for jeans and an oversized blazer. However, if things are more serious, but too formal, you can rock a bright colored suit to your next dinner party and put on a pair of ugly sneakers. Believe me, it works!

Ugly Sneakers with skirts


Skirts can be a little tricky, however ugly sneakers are kind of the perfect way to make a skirt look less dressy or girly, if that's what you're looking for. They add a lot of balance to the look and from what I've seen they look the best with skirts that hit right above the ankle. 

How to make Ugly Sneakers look less bulky


The bulkiness might be bit of a shocker if you just put on your first pair of ugly sneakers. But there are a few styling tricks you can do to help take away from their bulkiness a little bit. First of all you can go on a hunt for the least bulky ugly sneakers out there. If not, you can wear loose pants or an oversized baggy outfit to kind of cancel out their volume, make them stand out less and look less massive. 


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