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Your Ultimate Guide to Clean Ugg Boots

Ugg boots are one of the most controversial fashion items ever; you either love them or hate them! Nevertheless, you can't deny that Ugg boots look cute with certain winter looks, and they keep your feet oh-so-warm.

Winter days are upon us, and you're probably about to bring out your Ugg boots. But there's a high chance you'd find them full of dirt, marks or stains, right? So read along to discover the best way to clean your Ugg boots.

Your Ugg boots need to be maintained and stored well, so you can extend their life, just like any of your clothing items, shoes, handbags or accessories. That's why you should know how to clean your Ugg boots, to keep them as good as new.

What you will need to clean your Ugg boots:

- Suede brush
- Cotton cloth
- Damp sponge
- Water and plain white vinegar
- Or ideally, Ugg Cleaner & Conditioner
- Newspapers

Steps to clean your Ugg boots:

1. Start by using the suede brush to comb the outside of the Ugg boots in one direction, to remove any excess pieces of dirt.

2. Now soak the cotton cloth in cold water, and then wet the outside surface of your Ugg boots. You just need it to be damp, and not dripping with water.

3. It's time to use the Ugg Cleaner & Conditioner. If it's not available, you can mix equal parts of water and plain white vinegar as a substitute. You can also use any suede cleaner, to clean your Ugg boots.

4. Damp the sponge with your choice of cleaner, and then gently scrub and rub your Ugg boots. You should especially focus on the dirty areas, to make sure you efficiently clean your Ugg boots.

5. After you're done, wipe off the cleaning substance by using a damp cotton cloth.

6. When your Ugg boots become wet, they might lose their shape, so you must stuff them with newspapers and leave them to dry for 48 hours.

7. Now that you've cleaned your Ugg boots and left aside, make sure to keep them away from direct sunlight or any source of heat until they're totally dry.

8. As a final touch, brush your Ugg boots with a suede brush.

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