Have you ever thought that you can actually make use of the 'thrown out every week' waste of newspapers and magazines and create something really cool on your nails? You can now pick the beautiful words you read in an article or a book, or even your favorite comic book characters and simply imprint them on your nails, using this trick. Cute Polish created a video tutorial on how to do it and it's so much easier than it looks from the great looking result. You can watch it below.

Tools needed:

- Sheer top and base coat

- White and Black nail polish

- Newspaper, novel or comic book

- Medical alcohol or water

- Cotton pads

- Nail polish remover


1. Apply a base coat to protect your nails and let it dry. Then apply an opaque coat of white nail polish and let it dry.

2. Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol or water in an wide bowl.

3. Dip in your chosen piece of newspaper or comic in the alcohol.

4. Quickly place it on your nail and press lightly with two fingers.

5. Gently peel the paper off and you will notice the words or figures printed on your nail.

6. Repeat this step on the rest of your nails.

7. With the cotton pad and polish remover, clean around your nails.

8. Apply the clear top coat.