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| by Farida Abdel Malek

These Chic Nail Art Designs Show How Hassle Free Nail Art Can Be

Experimenting with your manicure is not the most common thing. Some people love it and are really into nail art while others just play around with makeup and leave the nails simple and basic. However, manicures could get kind of boring and repetitive; nude, burgundy, nude, red, burgundy, nude...

Nail art does not always have to be complex or over the top. It can be simple, so easy and even doable at home. If you've been wanting a change and you're curious about nail art, these designs will show you how hassle free nail art can be. If you're hands aren't steady enough for an at home manicure, take it to your nail salon and show off your artsy nails for the rest of the week.

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