We are always seeking new trends when it comes to nails. Searching for every new idea out there and breaking it down to you so you won’t be missing out on anything no matter where you are. This season we came across the ‘Frame nail’ trend which we think is a very catchy and modern trend that you should consider for your next manicure.

The thing I liked the most about the frame nail trend is that you get to apply two colors and still get a simple look. All you have to do, is pick two colors that you love, one to paint your whole nail with and the other to paint a frame with around your nails. This is a super easy and cool way to change your traditional nail polish.

The 'Frame Nail' can go with casual everyday looks and special occasions as well. And we have seen the dotted one for a bold look. Watch in pictures how you can get the ‘Frame nail’.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @fongminliao