38 Chic Nail Art Ideas for Your Festive Season Celebrations
Farida Abdel Malek
12/13/22, 1:00 PM

Holiday season is almost upon us finally! The Christmas dinners and festive parties are all approaching, and alongside your red dress, ugly Christmas sweaters and sparkly eyeshadow, you should make your nails stand out. So what festive nail designs are you looking for this year?

I personally have a love/hate relationship with nail art. I appreciate it but find it too complicated and sometimes a bit too much for formal events. So how about, for this festive season, we take a look at chic and simple Christmas nail designs that will give your hands the festive look you want without struggling too much. 

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These easy holidays and Christmas nail art ideas are simple because they depend more on color, glitter, and adding a twinkly touch here and there. 

So here are 38 chic nail art ideas for simple Christmas nails: (check the gallery for more photos)

Simple Stars

Sometimes, just a simple star would do! This is actually something you can easily do at home with a start stamp, a start sticker, or a small star cut out. The colors and glitter placement is up to you.

Christmas Nail Stickers 

The easiest and coolest thing to decorate your nails is to buy stickers. You can shop for these ready-made nail-shaped stickers that can fit on your nails and just file away the excess. Or you can buy small individual Christmas stickers and play around with those too. Silver and gold are a really good option because they can go with any nail polish you choose underneath. These stickers can also do it on their own. It’ll be like you got your nails done at a nail salon but without paying too much.

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Barely there but still festive...

For all the minimalists out there, this idea needs minimal effort and skill. You can try drawing a strip of gold down your nails or stick on gold sequins. You can actually clip off a section from an old necklace or bracelet and stick it on your nail. Moreover, you can use golden studs on top of your neutral nail polish like in the first picture here. It's modern, elegant, and festive. 

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Nothing screams festive louder than silver and gold and I personally think that this year is all about the gold. Play with different tones of gold and shimmer. You can also go for golden French nails with a few adjustments like the design on the right. 

Green and Red Glitter Gradient Nails 

Still need some red and green in there? After all, these are the true festive colors! But it can still be simple and easy. You just need to play around with a makeup sponge to stamp glitter nail polish to the tips. Or you can alternate and create a green and red look together.

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