We’re only a few days away from Christmas 2016, and if you haven’t planned yet for your Christmas dinner, then it’s about time you do. Let us help you with some tips to help you host the perfect Christmas dinner for your friends and family. So let’s start.

1. Planning early will make hosting your Christmas dinner perfect, delightful and stress-free.

So the first things you need to take care of, is to make a checklist of everything you need for your Christmas dinner. Starting by your guest list, and ending with your grocery shopping list and food menu.

2. Don’t over invite people.

We understand you have so many important people on your guest list, but to make your Christmas dinner delightful, you need to make the number of invitees reasonable. This way, everyone will have a comfortable place to sit in and enough food to eat. There’s nothing delightful about attending a dinner you don't get a chance to eat at.

3. Be smart about grocery shopping.

By now you know how many people are coming, so you need to buy food that will be sufficient for everyone. So, if you’re not sure about the quantities you should be buying, just ask someone who have hosted Christmas dinners many times before, they should be an expert.

4. Plan ahead for a secret Santa activity with your guests.

A week before the dinner, when you send RSVP to your guests, ask them to bring a small gift for someone you picked. And watch everyone be happy for receiving gifts at your Christmas dinner!

5. Make sure you have nice and simple Christmas decorations for a jolly spirit.

Check out the cute ideas we got for you for Christmas decorations right here.