With Videos, Neutral and Crazy Christmas Makeup Look Inspirations

Mariam Youssef
12/12/22, 6:00 PM

Have you bought Christmas decorations yet? Have you put together your Christmas outfit? What about a special makeup look to go with the festivities? Whether you’re a natural or full-glam girl, we’ve got you covered! We’re here to show you some amazing makeup look videos by experts with directions on how to apply makeup and which colors to use. Do the exact same looks or use them as an inspiration to make your Christmas more special and fancy. That said, let’s jump right in and show you Christmas makeup look videos.

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Lazy Christmas Makeup

This is the kind of makeup that looks effortlessly beautiful and occasion-appropriate. You don’t have to do much to look gorgeous yet you still rock a special look that’s different from any regular day. Aylin Melisa’s look is a terrific representation of such a look. Check out this tutorial.

Extreme Holiday Glam

If you want your face to scream ‘tis the season to be jolly, you’re going to love this look. Nikkie Tutorials is here to show us how to build this super glam makeup look for the holiday season unapologetically. The colorful winged liner, the red lips, and the overall look is just spot on.

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Sophisticated Classic Glam

With a little bit of glitter and a few tricks, you can nail this makeup look. Those who don’t like wearing popping bright colors will love this look. It’s chic and modern yet classy and sophisticated. You’d want to wear this look when you want to look festive but without drawing too much attention.

Filters' Makeup

Meredith Duxbury is known for her crazy creative makeup looks, and this one is no different. In fact, she doesn’t choose the makeup look; filters are doing so! If you’re feeling uninspired and want to go wild, why not let the Tik Tok or Instagram filters choose the look for you? Check how her looks turned out!

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Dark Feminine Holiday Look

Do you want to unleash your inner dark side on your makeup look and still look festive? Check out this dark feminine Tik Tok tutorial. Gaby Medina is going for a no-foundation, natural look while wearing black and pink eyeshadow that makes a statement.

Christmas Lights Makeup

This look screams Christmas! You’d want to go for it if you like creativity and out-of-the-box ideas. You can go with your preferred base, but the focal point is the light string across the face and that little Santa’s hat over the eyebrows. Kate Longoria makes it look effortless, but is it really that easy to do? Why don’t you find out and let us know?


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Winter Wonderland Look

While some of the previous makeup looks are more Christmas-appropriate, this one can go for any glamorous occasion, especially New Year’s and other winter celebrations. It’s glittery, festive, unique, feminine, and on top of that, wearable. Brianna Fox walks you through every step of this gorgeous look. Check out her video.

Crazy Creative Looks

These looks are not for the faint of heart or the gets-bored-in-a-flash type of person. These creative makeup looks take forever to do, but they turn out to be phenomenal! If you have the tools, time, and most importantly, patience, go for these looks. Check out Ashley Quiroz’s makeup tutorial and follow her step-by-step guide to end up with this glamorous look.

Holiday Freckles

Here’s another creative Christmas look by Pompberry. She draws Christmas freckles and decorated them with candy canes and stars. Her face is so ready to celebrate Christmas and yours will be too if you like to go for something out of the ordinary.

Non-Christmassy Colors

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you have to stick to green and red in your makeup look. If you don't want to wear neutral colors, you can opt for purples, blues, yellows, or any color of your choice. Check out how Mayar flawlessly executes this look.

Some people love to be spontaneous and wait until Christmas to figure out what their makeup look is going to be, while others like to plan things ahead of time. So if you find your makeup look inspiration here, don’t hesitate to try it out and share it with us.

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