Meet Some of The Best Saudi Beauty Bloggers on Instagram

Mariam Youssef
11/15/22, 3:20 PM

We love Saudi Arabia and we adore Saudi Arabian women! We like their sense of style, fashion, beauty, and overall lifestyle. That’s why we decided to dedicate this article to some of the best Saudi beauty bloggers and introduce you to them. Some of you may already know them, given they’re famous and fabulous. However, some of the following bloggers may not be solely about beauty. Some Saudi beauty bloggers also share fashion tips and inspiration to their followers to help them in every aspect of their life to become more beautiful. That said, let’s jump right in and introduce you to some of the best Saudi beauty bloggers.

Njoud Mesh’el

From skincare to makeup, Njoud Mesh’el will be your guide. She shares excellent tips with her followers on how to keep their skin healthy and glowy and she also recommends amazing products based on her personal experience.

Lama Alakeel

Lama is all about fashion, beauty, and travel. Aside from her stunning sense of style, she shares beauty and makeup tips with everyone. She also shares mini makeup tutorial reels on her Instagram page to help others learn and see which products she’s using.

Ghalia Mahmoudi

Ghalia Mahmoudi AKA Vogue Overdosed is a beauty and fashion influencer based in Saudi Arabia. Through her social media accounts, she expresses and inspires others. Her nickname ‘Vogue Overdosed’ was bestowed upon her by her peers at school since she was known for her trendsetting and accessorizing back then.

Yara Alnamlah

Yara AlNamlah's platforms are all about being a blogger, skincare junkie, makeup artist, and entrepreneur. Aside from her architectural studies, she reached GCC and the world from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by fusing modernity with culture in her approach to style and beauty.


If you’re looking for beauty recipes and overall hair and beauty advice, you’ll love this account. Afnaneta shares homemade recipes for hair and skin care with her followers that she has tried herself. She also recommends other skincare products that work out great for her.

Blogger Noura

Noura is another Saudi beauty blogger who likes to share homemade recipes for skincare and overall health and beauty. Aside from sharing healthy recipes for losing weight, she also encourages her followers to exercise to be in good shape.


Shouq is bringing you a collective blog that includes beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tips. Besides her incredible fashion sense, she shares makeup tutorials and skincare tips with her followers.

Sheraz Tjarb

Sheraz Tjarb or Khalatat Jadaty shares homemade tested recipes for hair and skincare alike. She uses natural ingredients that boost skin glowiness and radiance and make the hair shiny and thick.

Jood Aziz

From makeup inspiration to skincare tips, Jood Aziz will astonish you with her amazing content. She also likes to share bits of her personal life with her followers to make them feel included. Moreover, she recommends helpful products to others, such as makeup, skincare, and hair products based on her personal experience.

What about you? Who’s your favorite Saudi beauty blogger? The best thing about these Instagram bloggers is that they show us bits of everything besides beauty, such as fashion and lifestyle inspiration.


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