Makeup trends surprise us everyday, and there is no such a thing as 'there is no makeup look that will ever fit me' anymore. We're all witnessing the global revolution that has been happening in the world of beauty -especially makeup for a while now, with tons of talented and skilled makeup artists/bloggers all over the world today. No matter what color or type of skin you have, there is always something that suits you.

When we speak of various original looks and types of beauty, we can never ignore the cherries on top: redheads. Unlike what most people may think, redhead girls can fit in numerous, almost all, makeup looks. Whether you may want to keep your freckles showing or you wish to conceal them, I've gathered a wide range of makeup looks from which any redhead can't fail to pick at least one that is suitable for her. From fierce and bold to soft and nude makeup looks, here is a bunch of makeup glams that any redhead doesn't want to miss!

Main Photo Credits: Instagram @saraholiveirablog