Freckles are something you should love, and not cover! I personally wish I had freckles, they're just super cute. If you are blessed with freckled skin, there are some makeup tips you should follow to embrace your freckles and show them off. Making foundation work with your freckles could be somehow tricky; you don't want to cover them and you want an even base to cover any imperfections. For better makeup results, here are five tips to apply foundation with freckles.

1. Make sure the foundation you apply is mineral and that it's light, in order not to cover your beautiful freckles and make your skin look thick and cakey over them. Pick the lightest and creamiest foundation material that contains more moisturizer and less powder.

2. When it comes to skin with freckles, the best way to apply liquid foundation is not with your hands or a beauty blender, but with a foundation brush. A foundation brush will not only allow you to apply foundation evenly, but also it will blend it well.

3. Matte foundation should always be your go-to option. It prevents your skin from shining or giving off an oily look, as it also compliments your brownish skin because it gives it a natural feel.

4. If you don't prefer to add foundation, then BB cream or a tinted moisturizer should be your pick. When you apply BB cream, freckles will show through and won't be covered up completely. 

5. Make sure you don't forget to apply blusher according to your skin tone. Applying the best shade of blusher will accentuate both your skin and your freckles.

Main Photo Credits: Instagram @frecklesnur