Ramadan 2022 is just around the corner, which means it's time to break out the kaftans. Every year, they become more creative in their designs, and people become more creative in their styling. A kaftan is an essential piece for many people during Ramadan, but we may need some tips on how to style kaftans in Ramadan.

Note: Make sure when choosing your Kaftan to pick the material depending on whether you'll be wearing it evening or night. 

4 Stylish Ways to Wear Kaftan Dresses with Hijab This Ramadan

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Open Kaftans Are a Good Choice With Skirts and Dresses 

How to style kaftans in Ramadan

We really love how open Kaftans look for an elegant look that could work for both afternoon and evening looks. They're especially good options for dresses and skirts. You can either wear a bright kaftan with a neutral dress or outfit, or you can do a monochrome look with a matching kaftan and dress.

Add a Belt To Loose-fitting Kaftans

How to style kaftans

A lot of people don't feel comfortable wearing something that is too loose-fitting. If you're someone who wants something with a little more definition, you can try wearing a belt with your Kaftan, whether it's open or closed. 

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How To Wear Colorful Kaftans With Pants 

How to style kaftans

If you like to wear bright and statement kaftans, they could be really nice with pants. You could tone it down with jeans and a simple top. Try to keep the rest of your outfit neutral so you can wear your statement Kaftan comfortably. 

Satin Kaftans Are Great for an Evening Look 

How to style kaftans

Satin has been really popular among fashion bloggers recently. They are a great choice for a chic, dressy evening look. If they don't come with a belt, you can make one yourself if you like more definition at the waist. You can go crazy with accessories and experiment with prints and statement pieces, whether with your heels, bags, or even jewelry. 

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If You Struggle With Styling Kaftans, Go For These Ones...

How to style kaftans

If you find it too much of an effort trying to style and coordinate kaftans with your outfits, or you just don't want to wear a lot of layers, you can go for a classic, simple closed kaftan dress. All you have to do is just pick the shoes, bag, and hijab, if you're veiled, which can be neutral or of the same color.