Hibiscus is one of the essential Ramadan drinks. It's hard to find a household that doesn't have hibiscus on the Iftar table. But, let's agree that it can get very repetitive after a week or 2. So this year we wanted to help you spice up your Ramadan Iftar menu

30 Dessert Recipes for Every Day of Ramadan!

We're sharing 5 fun and special hibiscus drinks recipes that you can try during Ramadan. Each one of them will give you a totally different experience. All you have to do is watch the video, pick a recipe, and follow the steps.

Watch how to make 5 delicious hibiscus drinks to try in Ramadan:


- Hibiscus  

- Rosewater  

- Milk  

- Lemon soda  

- Tamarind  

- Sugar

Check out the video to learn how to make them recipe step by step...