Ramadan drinks are a must at the Iftar table, but having the same types of drinks every single day for a whole month can be a little too repetitive. Yes, we love our hibiscus very much in Ramadan but that doesn't mean that we can't be a little creative with it.

Have your seen our latest video, with 5 different hibiscus drinks?!

So, we have four different recipes for different ways to drink traditional Ramadan drinks. Watch the video and let us know which drink will you be serving at Iftar today?

Run out of soup options? Here are 30!

Watch how to make unique Ramadan drinks recipes:


- Hibiscus

- Tamarind 

- Soda Water

- Sugarcane Juice

- Mint

- Lemon

- Basil

- Rosewater

- Qamar al-Din

- Lemon Soda