30 Dessert Recipes for Every Day of Ramadan

Author Jasmine Kamal
Time 2/28/24, 7:00 PM
Ramadan desserts 2024 recipes

Ramadan desserts. A love affair that is hard to resist and restrain from. Some of us love the traditional Ramadan desserts and others like the more modern and creative ones. So, to continue our Ramadan Iftar menu for 2024, we're listing some dessert recipes for Ramadan that you will definitely find hard to resist. Don't forget to send your family and friends a piece before they ask you for the recipe.


We also created a menu of 30 salad recipes for every day of Ramadan


Here Are 30 Dessert Recipes for Ramadan: 


1. Kunafa with Mixed Nuts Recipe 


Kunafa with Mixed Nuts Recipe




- 1/2 Kilo of Raw Kunafa  


- 8 cubes of Butter  


- 2 cups of chopped, mixed nuts   


- 1 1/2 cup of sugar 


- 1 cup of water  


- 1/2 lemon



Find the rest of the recipe here.


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2. Mango Kunafa Recipe


Mango Kunafa Recipe




- 1/2 kilo kunafa  


- 1&1/2 kilo mangos  


- 1 tsp of sugar  


- 2 packs of heavy cream  


- 2 Tbsp of condensed milk  


- 5 Tbsp of butter  


- 2 cups of Kunafa syrup




Find the rest of the recipe here.


3. Basbousa with Qashta Recipe


Basbousa with Qashta Recipe


Find the basbousa with qashta recipe here



4. Basbousa with Yogurt Recipe


Basbousa with Yogurt Recipe




- 2 cups semolina flour


- 1 tsp baking powder


- 1/2 cup white sugar


- 2 Tbsp white honey


- 1/2 cup melted butter


- 1 cup plain yogurt



Find the rest of the recipe here.


5. Turkish Baklava Recipe




6. Lotus Cheesecake Recipe


Lotus Cheesecake Recipe




7. Mushabback Recipe


Mushabback Recipe
 Image Credits: Instagram @waad_murshid




- 3 cups of semolina flour


- 2 cups of warm milk


- 1 cup syrup


- 1/2 cup flour


- 1/4 cup oil


- 3 Tbsp sugar


- 1 Tbsp Instant yeast


- 1/2 tsp.salt




Find the rest of the recipe here.



8. Qatayef Recipe




9. Chocolate Profiteroles Recipe




10. Balah El Sham Recipe


Balah El Sham Recipe




- 1 cup of water  


- 1 cup of flour  


- 1 Tbsp of oil  


- Pinch vanilla  


- Pinch of salt  


- Syrup (Check Basbousa Recipe #3) 




1. In a medium pot, add the water and oil and leave them to a boil. 


2. Add the flour and vanilla and mix well until you have a firm dough.  


3. Take the dough off the heat, add the eggs and stir well.  


4. Get a piping bag and start forming the Balah El Sham and frying them in hot oil. 


5. Take them out when they're golden brown and pour over them the syrup. 



 11. Om Ali Recipe


Om Ali Recipe


Watch how to make it right here.



12. Kunafa Cheesecake Recipe




13. Zalabia Recipe


Zalabia Recipe


Steps for the Zalabia:


1- Mix 1 cup of warm water with 1 tsp of yeast and 1 tsp sugar, and leave it and leave it to ferment.


2- Add to the previous mixture 2 cups of flour, 1 tbsp of starch, a pinch of salt, and a pinch of vanilla, and mix well.


3- Leave the dough covered with a nylon bag for an hour to ferment. 


4- Add a large amount of oil to a frying pan, and place the dough in small balls. 


Note: Cut the dough using a teaspoon to create small balls. 


5- Take them out when they're golden brown.


6- If you love the Zalabia crispy, place it again in the oil before serving. 


7- Put the Zalabia in the syrup after taking them out from oil. 


8- Serve it and decorate the plate it with cinnamon and powdered sugar.



14. Tiramisu Recipe


Tiramisu Recipe



- 2 average boxes of plain biscuits


- 2 tsp instant coffee 


- 1 can of condensed milk  


- 1 whipped cream pack  


- 1/2 cup hot water  


- Cocoa powder 




1. Take out equal-sized cups or a pyrex tray to fit the number of servings. 


2. Mix the coffee with water in a small bowl and dip the biscuits in the mixture one by one, then place them on the bottom of the tray or cups.  


3. In another bowl, whisk the cream with the condensed milk until you reach the desired consistency.  


4. Spread a layer of the cream mixture on the biscuit, then add another layer of coffee-soaked biscuits. Finish off with another layer of cream.  


5. Sprinkle the cocoa powder on the surface and leave them in the fridge, so you can serve it cold. 



15. Red Velvet Cake Recipe




16. Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe


Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe 




- 1/4 cup of cocoa powder


- 4 bananas


- 1 cup coconut cream


- 1 cup almond milk


- 1/2 cup chocolate chips


- Chocolate sprinkles


Find the rest of the recipe here.



17. Ice Cream Cake Recipe




18. Cinnabon Recipe 




19. Date Kunafa Recipe




20. Chocolate Waffles Recipe


Chocolate Waffles Recipe



- 1 1/2 cup flour  


- 1 cup milk  


- 1/2 cup sugar  


- 3 tsp baking powder  


- 1 tsp salt  


- 3 tsp cocoa powder  


- 2 eggs  


- 4 Tbsp butter (melted)  


- 1/2 tsp vanilla  


- 1 Tbsp olive oil



Find the rest of the recipe here.



21. No-Bake Cheesecake Recipe




22. Sweet Goulash Rolls Recipe


Sweet Goulash Rolls Recipe 




- 1 pack of goulash


- Cool syrup (Check Basbousa Recipe #3)


- An good amount of crushed nuts


- 1/3 cup of melted butter




1. On a smooth surface, spread the goulash dough well, and paint it with a layer of melted butter and then with a layer of nuts.


2. Cut the dough vertically to a suitable size so you can begin to shape the fingers, then cut them into smaller sizes.


3. Grease a tray with ghee or butter, place the goulash fingers in it, and brush their surface with butter.


4. Place the tray in the oven on medium heat for 15 minutes until it's golden brown.


5. Take the tray out, let it cool down, and then pour the syrup over it.



23. Molten Chocolate Cake Recipe




24. Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe




25. Cheese Kunafa Recipe 




26. El Kunafa Al Kadaba




27. Strawberry Jelly Cake 




28. Kunafa Rolls Recipe


Kunafa Rolls Recipe



- 1/2 kilo kunafa  


- 2 cups butter  


- 2 cups syrup (Check Basbousa Recipe #3)


- Filling (nuts or you can replace it with cream)




1. Cut the kunafa hairs into two sections, taking the first half and placing it in a flat dish.


2. Add nuts to each half, and roll them out well.  


3. In a greased tray, place the Kunafa fingers together, and pour the rest of the butter over them. 


4. Place them in the oven at 180°C for 10 minutes, until they're golden.  


5. Take them out of the oven, and pour the syrup over them.



29. Basbousa Cups Recipe




30. Angel Hair Halawa Cake Recipe



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