For me Ramadan begins when the Kunafa is set on the table, looking crispy and delicious. Let's face it, Ramadan cannot be ramadan without Kunafa, other desserts too, but for the purpose of this feature we will be focusing on Konafa. 

What you will need:

- 1/2 Kilo of Raw Kunafa 

- 8 cubes of Butter

- 2 cups of chopped, mixed nuts 

- 1 1/2 cup of sugar

- 1 cup of water

- 1/2 lemon

Steps for the syrup:

1-Get a deep pan, and pour the 1 1/2 cup of water, the 1 1/2  cup of sugar and stir over medium heat. 

2- Keep stirring the sugar and water for 10 minutes until you feel that liquid thickened. 

3- Squeeze half the lemon on the thickened liquid and stir for 2 more minutes. Cover up the syrup and leave it aside to cool down.

4- For an added flavor you can add one tea spoon of rose water, but that is up to you.

Steps for the Kunafa:

Start off by pre-heating your oven to 350 degrees. 

1- Place the raw kunafa in a big bowl and begin cutting it with your hands into small pieces. Gather up big clumps with both hands and just pull outwards, snapping it into small pieces. 

2- Melt the butter in the microwave or cooking bowl.

3- Once the butter has completely melted, pour it into the bowl on the small chopped kunafa. 

4- Start mixing, with your hands, the kunafa and the butter throughly. Keep mixing until the raw kunafa should all feel moist. 

5- Get a round pan and make sure to butter up the surface and the sides to avoid any sticking. 

6-  Now take half the portion of the buttered raw kunafa from the bowl and add it to the pan. Using your hands press down the raw kunafa to the surface of the pan, creating a flat, relatively thick surface of konafa. Emphasize the pressing on the sides, you want to avoid any lumps. 

7- Once you have completely flattened the raw kunafa, it's time to add the mixed nuts. Spread it out evenly all over the flat surface. For an added taste you can add some cinnamon among the nuts. 

8- Use the other half of buttered raw kunafa to cover the mixed nuts. Repeat the same process of patting it down very well until completely flat. 

9- Place the kunafa in the oven for 35 minutes leaving it to become a golden color. 

10- After the 35 minutes, remove the kunafa from the oven and place it under the grill. The purpose of the grill is to give that outer surface a golden crisp look and taste.

11- Place it in the grill for around 5 minutes, twist the pan every other minute so the fire can reach all boundaries and the golden color will be even. 

12- Once you take out the kunafa from the oven, pour the syrup on top of it evenly. 

13- Leave it aside for 10 minutes to cool down, then you are ready to serve.