30 Shows to Watch on Shahid That Will Pass the Time
Mariam Youssef
10/26/22, 4:00 PM

We know that you've probably watched your favorite shows twice by now. So, now is the time to start looking for something new and exciting. Many of us have turned to Shahid to entertain us with Egyptian, Khaleeji, Turkish, and Indian TV series to pick from. Some of which could be old favorites, but there are definitely new and exciting ones that you haven't seen before. We've also added some of the Ramadan 2022 shows that will be on Shahid VIP so you can watch what you've missed.

So, here are the top 28 best TV shows to watch on Shahid online...

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The Accused

If you’re into thriller drama, you’ll love this series. Accused of her husband’s murder, an amnesic woman, played by Durra Zarouk, makes it her life purpose to find the perpetrator and prove her innocence.

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Magnouna Beek

This is a drama, comedy, musical series that ticks all the boxes when it comes to killing boredom. In this musical series, a successful lawyer makes an impulsive decision to change her life and a coincidence reunites her with her ex-boyfriend.

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Al Layla Wa Elly Feeha

Rasha’s world is upended when a man tries to assault her in her house. As visitors keep interrupting, she must find a way to get him out without being seen. For 6 episodes you’ll live all the events and situations that took place only in one day.


Let’s explain what the meaning of Stiletto is so you can understand what this series is revolving about. A stiletto is a knife or dagger with a long slender blade and needle-like point. It is primarily intended as a stabbing weapon. When a corpse drops from the top floor during a huge party, officer Ramu questions all witnesses to find the murderer but uncovers a past filled with betrayal.

Al Ain Bil Ain

A female photographer witnesses a murder that happened to a high-profile person and then turns into a prime suspect. This certainly developed the events in an unbelievable way!

Devil's Promise

When a happily married Egyptian man and an American widow are both cheated by the devil, with devastating consequences, they join forces and set out to beat Iblis at his own game. In a desperate attempt, Amr Youssef tries to save the life of his wife. He enters into an unholy alliance with the devil with catastrophic consequences.

The Eight

A gang decides to kill one of its members after violating their laws, but the plan fails. The survivor prepares to start implementing his plan for revenge. Watch Asser Yassin, Ghada Adel, Khaled Alsawy, Reem Mostafa, and more in this action thriller series for the utmost fun.

El Beit Beity

Bino is forced to return to Cairo to settle his inheritance, only to discover that what he inherits exposes him to the spookiest adventures. Karim Mahmoud AbdelAziz and Mostafa Kahter are presenting a unique horror comedy. How interesting is that?!

The Killing

Bassel AlKhayat is here with another amazing work of his. This actor never fails to astonish us with his acting capabilities and interesting shows. This series is about the Police Captain Hisham who begins his investigation into the murder of an influencer found dead in the car of a national club electoral candidate.

Wish Wa Dahr

Looking for the right balance between drama, comedy, and romance in one series? Don’t miss this one. After stealing money from his company and running away, Jamal starts a medical practice under a fake name, but the nurse he hires has a secret of her own.

Al Le'ba

With more hilarious challenges, Hisham Maged and Chico are back with more seasons of one of the funniest shows on the platform, Al Le’ba.

Al Anisa Farah

This show is the Arabic version of the famous American hit TV show, Jane the Virgin. It's a crazy story that will have you crying with laughter and also has a mix of romance and drama thrown in there.

Every Week Has A Friday

This is one of the best Egyptian series on Shahid that we highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t watched it already. It is a mix of drama and crime, starring Menna Shalaby, Asser Yassin and Sawsan Badr. It's about a woman with an unknown past who has to live with a man suffering from autism. A series of crimes takes place every Friday.

Aljar Al Mithali

For all the Turkish series lovers, you’ll like this one. After getting forced out of her apartment, a young woman moves in with her colleague in a building where all the residents seem to be hiding a dark secret.

Mama Amina

This is a nice social comedy series suitable for families and young children. Mama Amina tells interesting and entertaining stories for children around her.

The Bridge

Nelly Karim and Amr Saad never fail to entertain us with their amazing acting skills. This series revolves around Noah who tries to bring his son to safety at all costs amidst a war-torn world, but he must evade the danger posed by the vengeful Dalila and her army.

Mawdo'o A'eli

This series went extremely viral when it first came out because of how good the storyline is. If you haven’t watched it, we’ll tell you what it is about. Ibrahim reluctantly accepts becoming the legal guardian of his estranged daughter for six months, setting himself up for hilarious and life changing experiences.

Sittat Bayt Al Ma'adi

Another one of the good mystery-thriller series out there is Sittat Bayt Al Ma’adi. Living in the same house but at different times, three generations of married women make similar decisions to overcome their marriage challenges.


If you’ve always been a fan of Flash magazines, you’ll love the cartoon series. The most exciting day-to-day stories are told in Khaled El Safety’s Flash, one of Egypt’s bestselling comic book series that marked history in the 1980’s.

Rageen Ya Hawa

After going bankrupt in Europe, Baleegh returns to his homeland to reclaim his inheritance, but his mission soon turns into an attempt to fix his broken family.

60 Minutes

One hour before her execution, Yasmine surprises everyone with a final request that may buy her just the time needed to reveal a shocking truth. This social, drama, thriller series will keep you entertained for sure.

Bitlou' Al Rouh

After being lured into joining ISIS by her husband, Rouh tries to run for her life only to find herself stuck in a refugee camp far away from home. For her brilliant acting, Menna Shalaby received a Murex D'or Award for this role.

Faten Amal Harby

If you missed this series last Ramadan, here’s a chance to watch it now on Shahid VIP. Faten's decision to get a divorce soon drags her into a struggle to change a law that may deprive her of her rights and children if she remarries.

Meen Qal?!

An ambitious young man casts aside his family’s wish for him to be an engineer when a business idea involving paper benches pops into his head. This is one of Ramadan 2022’s most-praised series for the social topics it discusses and the great cast.

Ahlam Wa Domou

Indian series lovers, where you at? A family’s obsession with migrating to Canada defines the lives of two sisters as the dream affects everything in their lives, from aspirations to love.

Al Intiqam Al Samet

The life of a family whose daughter suffers from a mental illness is upended by a vengeance-driven man. Amanullah plans to marry the daughter of Mir Farouk, who killed his parents and sister years ago in order to avenge his family.


This is a drama, crime, mystery Spanish series that will appeal to you if you like thrilling events. Following the disappearance of a loved one, Sonia joins a group of detectives in Central Brigade where they attempt to solve the most desperate cases.

Where My Heart Is

This is another Spanish series about a resident doctor with a seemingly prosperous future who is in a private war with her drug addiction and must decide whether to give in or hold on and fight.

Anne of Green Gables

Fate lands an orphan girl in the home of two siblings, initially expecting a young boy. Despite their shock, she charms them with her dreamy soul. Don’t miss this anime if you’re looking for drama.

Asdiqaa Al Omr

This is a Turkish series about a close group of schoolmates who decide to turn their lives into an investigative journey and look into the mysterious death of their best friend.

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