18 Movies That Gen-Z Will Love And Relate to!

Mariam Youssef
3/21/23, 7:00 PM

If you were born between the years 1997 to 2013, you belong to Gen Z. You belong to the first generation that was entirely raised within the internet range. That’s why you’re different, quirky, and smart. Whether you like practical movies that you can relate to or love to indulge in a heartwarming romance, you’ll find the following movies enticing. That said, read on for 18 movies that Gen Z would love and relate to.

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The Edge of Seventeen

The Edge of Seventeen is a comedy reminder that being a teenager isn't always as romantic as other films or television shows make it out to be. It's a realistic entry into the Gen Z universe. Nadine, a high school student, notices that her best friend has begun dating her brother even though nothing seems to be improving in her life. Her bond with her teacher, Mr Bruner, provides her with limited relief. Mr Bruner, who is direct but sincere, gradually turns into Nadine's voice of reason when she is at her most unstable.

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Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade takes Gen Zers back to their early social media days and the urge to fit in before it was normal to stand out, which is cringe-worthy but so worth it. Kayla Day is battling socially to stay afloat in her final week of eighth grade while maintaining a YouTube channel that no one is interested in. This movie is genuine and real; it avoids romanticizing the change from middle to high school and instead examines what it's like to not know who you are at that age and deal with fears.

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Not Okay

A silly teen who is anxiously seeking fame and friends fabricates a trip to Paris in order to update her social media. A horrible event occurs in the actual world, which becomes a part of the imagined journey and provides everything she desires. Gen Z is the target audience for Not Alright, which mainly emphasizes imposter syndrome and FOMO (fear of missing out). This film makes us all feel the waves of fear as Danni tumbles down the chaotic spiral.

Tall Girl

The tallest girl in high school falls in love with an attractive foreign exchange student, which causes her to become involved in an unexpected love triangle and find she is much more than her height insecurities had her believe. The central focus of the film is not a tall girl who experiences bullying. It's about being insecure and having to overcome it while realizing that the thing you're embarrassed by is what makes you unique. There's no need for you to suffer.

The Kissing Booth

After spending a wonderful summer together, Noah and Elle will have to learn to live apart as she starts her final year of high school and he leaves for Harvard. This movie emphasizes friendship, forgiving others, and reconciling with a light, redemptive, moral viewpoint. For instance, after a fight, two friends can choose to forgive and mend their ways.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Lara Jean's calm high school life is ruined when her hidden love letters end up being delivered to each of her five crushes. The main theme of the book is coming of age, which is handled via Lara Jean's character and how she develops from being overly reliant on her family to a more mature character capable of making her own decisions and leading her own life.

Work It

By putting in a tonne of effort, this uncomfortable 18-year-old manages to get almost perfect. She makes a commitment to using dancing to overcome her goofiness and to hone her abilities before entering a competition.

Dear David

When a nerdy high school student's risqué fantasy blog about her crush gets leaked to everyone at school, her life is completely turned upside down, leading her to wonder who her true friends are.

All Together Now

A gifted and joyful teen struggles to conceal her homelessness and life on a bus. After a disaster, she must learn to accept support. Who doesn't seek independence? You do. I do. All of us do. Naturally, it's a desire of the hood. In spite of this, life itself is unstable, and seeking help when it's needed is not wrong.


During their final two weeks of high school, four best friends deal with loss, significant changes in their lives, and a lot of pot smoking. The movie is excellent. Although their friend wasn't completely honest with them, it does demonstrate how loyal friends and family support you even when you treat them badly.

Feel The Beat

When April returns to her hometown after failing to achieve success on Broadway, she is asked to instruct a mismatched group of teenage dancers. 'Feel the Beat' is a well-made routine dance movie that has the power to leave its viewers with a smile and a pleasant warm sensation, despite being a little cliché and occasionally going overboard with the messaging.

The Prince & Me

Denmark's Prince Edvard visits the States to study at a university. He falls in love with Paige, a pre-med student, but she has no idea that he is a royal. The movie's message is to never be scared of anything because as long as you have faith in God, he will watch over you and provide for your needs.

Do Revenge

Exchange student Eleanor is plagued by a rumor, while popular Drea wants exact revenge on her lover for releasing her sex tape. The two teens get together to confront their abusers. Drea and Eleanor come to the conclusion that getting even with someone won't always make you feel better. In fact, because of how vile you have to be to carry it out, it simply makes you feel worse about yourself.

Endless Love

Jade Butterfield is a shy young woman who doesn't interact with many people. Yet a chance encounter with David, a former classmate, ignites a passionate romance that completely changes the path of her life.

Purple Hearts

In exchange for military benefits, Cassie, a poor singer-songwriter, marries Luke, a troubled Marine. It becomes harder to distinguish between reality and fiction. The film has a strong moral viewpoint that emphasizes caring for people during difficult times and loving them despite their differences. The consequences of lying are depicted in the film, and the characters grow as a result of their mistakes.

Along for The Ride

Before starting college, in the summer, Auden encounters the intriguing Eli, another insomniac. The two go out on nightly missions to help Auden live the enjoyable, carefree life she never realized she desired while the beach town of Colby sleeps.

Through My Window

Raquel has a long-standing crush on her attractive neighbor, Ares, whom she watches in private but never approaches. Can she entice Ares to love her? Raquel has always had a crush on her neighbor, but things take a deeper turn when he begins to feel the same way about her despite his family's disapproval.

Rip Tide

An American model moves to Australia to live with her aunt after a humiliating viral video destroys her career, where she makes new friendships and falls in love.



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