Do Social Events Trigger The Introvert Inside of You? Here's How to Overcome The Struggle
Mariam Youssef
2/14/23, 4:30 PM

Introversion is a personality trait, and it doesn’t mean the person is modest or shy. If you’re an introvert, you should know that it’s not something you can change. However, you can still make it work for you rather than against you. Introverts' source of energy is one of their biggest traits. Introverts derive their energy from their inner world of feelings and thoughts. Because of this, introverts are more prone to being stressed by the outside world than extroverts are. They could develop social exhaustion thereafter. Introverts can recharge in a less exciting environment, such as their own homes. 

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We understand that as an introvert, you need to recharge your energy alone at home or in a comfortable environment. It is important to balance their alone time with the outside world so you don’t lose your connections and perspectives. That said, we’ll show you how to overcome the struggle of being an introvert in social situations.

Turn your introversion into an advantage

In both your personal and professional life, try to find methods to use your quiet nature to your advantage. Being an introvert, for example, can benefit you in your profession as a therapist or social worker since you naturally listen to people. Moreover, in your personal life, your friends will probably have special feelings for you since you’re a good listener.

You’re an introvert not a weirdo

The opinions of others don't matter as much as how you feel about yourself and what is best for you. The last thing you want to do is to care about what others think about you. While there is nothing wrong with needing some alone time, watch out for pushing people away if they are only trying to start up a discussion. For example, if you’re at a friend’s wedding party and someone comes up to talk to you, try not to push them away as they’re only trying to be nice. However, if you don’t feel like interacting with people and your body language and subtle cues fall flat, you might need to be direct.

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Show your loved ones that you care

We know how difficult social events and gatherings can be for an introvert. However, you still need to let your family and friends know that you care about them. Increase your efforts to pay attention to and show your loved ones that you are thinking about them. Even if you are unable to spend much time with them, a simple gesture such as sending them an email or like and commenting on one of their Facebook posts can mean a lot.

Be aware of what overstimulates you

Numerous sources of background noise, such as a radio or loud music, social contacts, sales calls, meetings, caffeine, etc., can all cause overstimulation. When you know what makes you exhausted, you can develop a more effective strategy to deal with these triggers. For example, if loud music stimulates your introversion, make sure to use your headphones to block the noise somehow so you don’t get triggered easily.

Recharge and refuel

The energy that introverts need to function in the outside world comes from their interior world. For this reason, it's crucial to recharge frequently. Regular breaks throughout the day allow you to refuel and avoid becoming exhausted. Enjoy some well-deserved "me time" without feeling bad about it. One way to love yourself is to give yourself this time. Take a bath, watch a movie, read a book, play some music, write something, etc. during that time to unwind and get ready to mingle again.

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Stick to your extrovert friends

Although your outgoing friends may be overly sociable for you, it is still important to hang out with them more often so they can help you get out of your comfort zone. Spending some time with a group of friends may help you get used to being surrounded by a number of people.

Become a host not a guest

When it comes to mandatory, inescapable social events like work meetings, parties, conferences, or the like, position yourself as a helper more of a host rather than a guest. Many introverted people report that helping others, welcoming guests, making others feel at ease, or keeping the room clear can help you a lot.

Finally, it is important to understand that introversion isn’t a weakness or a flaw in your character; it is your personality and you should embrace it and learn how to deal with it. More importantly, don’t go the extra mile at the expense of your wellbeing. If you don’t feel like being surrounded by people, simply leave the room, recharge, and join people whenever you’re ready.

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