Best YouTube Channels For Skincare Addicts
Mariam Youssef
2/6/23, 4:30 PM

We can never get enough of skincare, right? There are always new products and trendy things to try that can truly change our skincare game. However, we may not get the full picture or the explanation we need from Tiktok and Instagram videos since they’re typically short. Fortunately, we can watch instructive skincare videos on Youtube, where we get to learn things about our skin and new methods of dealing with it. That said, we’ve gathered some awesome YouTube skincare channels for beauty addicts.

It's important to address any skin problem you have with a specialized doctor and not depend on beauty bloggers to treat it.

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Sarah Hany

Although her YouTube channel often shares helpful skincare and beauty tips, Sarah Hany is also known for sharing positive thoughts and lifestyle videos that help people become better versions of themselves. You’ll also find useful hair and skincare product reviews on her channel.

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Eman Emad

Whether you’re looking for product recommendations, reviews, or advice, Eman Emad’s channel has all of this and more. Expect to see styling and fashion tips as well along with cute hijab tutorials and some vlogs on this channel.


Yousr, the personality behind this channel, is a Tunisian beauty addict who shares amazing skincare, makeup, fashion, and lifestyle videos on her channel. She even posts her own skincare routine to show her followers how she achieves her perfect glass skin.

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Dr Menna ElSayed

We always recommend visiting a dermatologist in case you’re dealing with any skin problem, but this channel is owned by a doctor, which makes its content more trustworthy (you still need to go to your dermatologist to treat your skin problem). Not only does Menna share skincare product recommendations and reviews, but she also shares helpful dietary, oral health, and hair tips.

Merna Antoun

Merna Antoun is also a doctor who shares amazing skincare, makeup, and hair tips. She usually reviews beauty products and offers her viewers trustworthy advice and recommendations based on her personal experience.

Gabrielle Meloff

After becoming aware of the dangerous chemicals included in popular skincare and cosmetics, Gabby Dubious switched to a more environmentally friendly routine for beauty. Her YouTube channel only showcases green, healthy, and non-toxic products that fit her eco-friendly way of life. Her videos provide in-depth guidance on self-care and clean beauty, and they include natural skincare routines, hair and makeup tutorials, brand reviews, and recreations of famous people's makeup looks using only clean beauty items.

Beauty Within

This channel, with its fun and educational videos, is an excellent place to start if you're new to K-beauty. In their 20 to 30-minute videos, the beauty gurus behind this channel, Rowena Tsai and Felicia Lee, explore the worlds of skincare, beauty, and wellness. Frequently, they consult with leaders and experts in the field to get their inside scoop on certain products and trends.

The Beauty Breakdown

The Beauty Breakdown's presenter, Morgan Alison Stewart, is dedicated to sharing skincare and beauty knowledge in a way that's understandable to the typical viewer. Her YouTube channel is loaded with simple-to-follow makeup instructions that use cutting-edge products and well-known beauty brands. She also publishes in-depth product evaluations and how-to guides for Korean skincare and makeup.

Liah Yoo

Liah Yoo, a beauty influencer and YouTuber, is aware that sunscreen is the unsung hero of every beauty routine. All the care and attention you give your skin wouldn't be worthwhile without it. We appreciate how Liah compares mineral and chemical sunscreen, gathers her top picks for fresh formulations and brands, and shows us how to reapply sunscreen while wearing makeup.

Hot and Flashy

Everybody, regardless of age, needs excellent guidance on skincare. Angie from Hot and Flashy is carving out a niche for herself as a skincare influencer by posting product reviews for the over-50 market. Her goal is to assist all women so they can feel beautiful and have good skin, with a focus on anti-aging, wrinkles, and general skin health.

Check these channels out to understand more about skincare and learn new things about your skin. Do you follow other skincare bloggers? Share them with us.

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