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33 Hijab University Outfits to Make Your Everyday College Looks Trendy

Farida Abdel Malek
9/10/22, 7:00 PM

College outfits can get boring and repetitive. As your years at college pass by, you start feeling less like yourself because of the "same outfit, different day" vibe and it can affect your mood. To prepare for college, you can easily find both comfort and chicness in these hijab university outfits. Sneakers, scarves, jumpers, jeans, denim, and backpacks are all great hijab outfit ideas for school and college. But why not add a touch of style to your everyday hijab college style and get inspired by these casual hijab looks we picked for you by the top hijabi fashion bloggers.

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Comfy but cool hijab college style


When it comes to college, comfort comes first before anything else. These are some of our favorite comfy sportswear looks that would be perfect for college, and despite being as comfortable as PJ's, they look really cool and chic. 

College presentation or event outfit ideas

If you have a presentation or a more formal event at university, these looks would be perfect. You can still tone them down with jeans and sneakers, but the blazer is a perfect subtle addition to show a little elegance and that you mean business. Accessories too can be a great way to dress things up a bit. 

Dress up a little!

 You know we never like to play by the rules, so whoever said you can't dress up a little bit to college from time to time is wrong. If looking glam and dressing up makes you feel good, you glam up all you want girl! If you're worried about looking too much, you can still wear simple things and look glamorous and chic, such as a long cardigan or casual dress over your jeans. Remember, you can always tone things down with denim and sneakers.

Wear Comfy Flowy Skirts

Don't be afraid to wear skirts at college simply because there are plenty of designs that are comfy and flowy, which is what you need for college. Skirts can take your whole outfit to a whole new level, making it more feminine and elegant. Choose styles that are suitable for mornings and go for neutral colors that can be college-appropriate. Moreover, make sure you choose an appropriate material for the skirt. Stay away from satin, silk, or any fabric that may not be suitable for college.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @kd_sisters_style


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