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50 Hijab Wrap Styles for Different Fabrics and Tastes

Mai Atef
1/22/21, 12:00 AM

The choice of hijab styles, in my opinion, depends on personality and taste, whether you are a fan of simpler wraps, or like to try out the latest trends. That's why today we're showing you 50 hijab wrap ideas and different hijab wrapping styles to help you out with the fabrics you have and different tastes.

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Scroll down to the gallery to see 50 hijab wrapping styles you can try out...

Simple hijab wrap styles

Hijab wrapping styles

A lot of us look for simple hijab wrap for everyday wear. If you have chiffon or crepe fabrics, you can wear your hijab in these simple styles and either leave it draping on the back or have one side in front. You can also try wearing the famous Turkish hijab wrap, by having the front slightly pointed and leaving the rest behind the head.

How to wear a crepe hijab fabric

Hijab wrapping styles

A crepe hijab fabric can be difficult to renew and change up. But you can wear it in more unique ways like the examples above, as a loose wrap or the Turkish way. Also, don't forget to try wearing a bandana underneath.

Unique hijab wrap styles

hijab wrapping styles

If you're looking to change things up and want a different unique wrap to test out, you can experiment with these cool ideas here. For example; tying a knot in front or leaving the hijab drape over one side.

How to wear satin hijab

how to wear satin hijab

A lot of girls look for satin hijab wrap ideas so they can change up their look every once in a while.  Besides a turban, you can wear the classic square hijab and try a printed one, wrapping it a modern way like these examples above. But, if you also want to wear your hijab loosely, you can as well like Marwa does. For a more bold look, you can actually wear 2 different styles on top of each other, like chiffon and satin or crepe and satin as seen on Rahaf Al Shami.

Cotton hijab wrap ideas

how to wear cotton hijab

Most girls may find it difficult to wear cotton hijabs in different ways. You can try the famous Kuwaiti cotton hijab wrap, like Dalal AlDoub's, or you can have the front tapered a little bit, like  Zahraa. If you prefer simple wraps, you can go for the other 2 here, that won't take long to wear in the morning. 

Loose hijab styles

loose hijab styles

Who doesn't love a loose hijab wrap. It's easy and looks great. Just wear a cotton bandana to ensure it stays in place and wrap it around your head naturally and randomly. This wrap suits most tastes and can be done with most hijabs. 


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