Most of us are constantly looking for new ways to wear and wrap our hijab, but we’re also looking for the best and most flattering hijab styles for our face shapes. So, today we’re focusing on round face shapes and we’re showing you the best hijab styles for round faces. Round faces are really beautiful and a lot of hijab wraps suit it, however some of us still find it hard choosing one, so let’s help you out.

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Round faces have more width than length and they can appear smaller and shorter. People with round face shapes also have fuller cheeks.

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Simple basic hijab wraps for round faces


If you just want a traditional basic hijab wrap for your day to day looks, there’s nothing better than wearing a simple wrap, without any bandana or band underneath. This style is great for a round face because it gives more definition and highlights the beauty of the roundness. You can also go for a squared hijab for a more dressy afternoon look.

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Loose hijab style for round faces


Loose hijab wraps are really popular and modern. Just wear a bandana underneath and effortlessly wrap your hijab loosely whichever way is more comfortable for you. It would be more flattering for you if you don't show too much of the bandana. Also go for fabrics like linen, cotton or chiffon for loose wraps. Try to avoid satin.

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Turban wrap for round face shapes


If you’re looking for fashionable wraps for your everyday outfits and your evening looks, I really recommend you try a turban wrap, whether it’s tied with a knot in front, it’s just a simple wrap around the head or draped over one side. All of them could really look great on round face shapes. 

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