If you're looking for hijab outfits in 2020 to inspire you to wear your grey hijab or scarf, you've come to right place. A lot of girls wore about it making them look pale, but your choice of outfit can make the biggest different. So today we're showing you how to wear and style a grey hijab with your summer outfits

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Don't forget to scroll down to the gallery below for some more grey hijab outfit ideas...

Grey hijab and white shirts


Did you know that the simplest and easiest way to wear a grey hijab is to wear it with a white shirt or top. Whatever the shade of gray is, whether it's a light or darker tone, it will work with a white shirt. Just pick the shade you feel more comfortable in and wear it however your like, a loose wrap or turban.

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Grey hijab with bright colors


If you want a more lively bright look, we recommend you try it with a colorful outfit. You can wear it with red, yellow or pink. Try to change up the materials and textures though. For example, if you're wearing a linen top or cardigan, then go for a grey chiffon hijab. If you wear a cotton top, you can wear a chiffon, satin, or silk hijab.

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Grey hijab with calm pastels and nudes


Some people don't like wearing black and white, but are also not into wearing really bright colors. If that's your style, you can do no wrong with wearing soft pastels and nudes. You can wear a pastel blue dress with a dark grey hijab. You can also style nude shades like beiges and browns with a grey hijab, balancing the tones out with a white top and jeans.

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Monochrome Grey Hijab Outfit


If you love monochrome looks, these will be your next favorite outfits. You can wear an entirely grey outfit and look so chic. Try wearing your grey hijab with a grey dress, abaya or shirt and skirt. We think it looks even cooler when you go for a hijab that's in a very slightly lighter or darker tone than the other piece. Also a look like this would be great for an evening look.

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