Chive green is one of the biggest fashion color trends this year, along with Biscay green. We asked you to vote for which color you'd like to see next and you chose this beautiful chive deep green shade. Although people would be reluctant to wear it in summer, it can actually be pretty gorgeous for your summer wardrobe.

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Don't forget to scroll down to the gallery below for some chive green outfit ideas…

So, here's to wear the chive green color trend:

Chive Green Pants


This is one of the easiest ways to wear this color, because it's safe and can go with so many things and be word very differently depending on your occasion. it is also great for summer because you can still brighten up your outfit and make it more soft and colorful for summer. 

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Chive Green Dresses


Dresses are a summer staple and chive green dresses like the would be perfect for a summer date night or dinner party. If you feel like the green is too dark, add accessories like gold and wear lipstick shades like red to balance it out. 

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Chive Green Tops


Here is when you can go a little creative. We love the idea of a chive pantsuit, but a top also give you the freedom to wear it however and with whatever you like. It looks great with denim and you can wear a gorgeous silk scarf as a belt to brighten it up. Or you can wear it with nice loose pants in deeper shades and be a summer rebel. 

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