The Gucci belt is a classic piece that has become a staple in many people's wardrobes for both summer and winter. So we wanted to dedicate a timeless article for it, so you can look back to it anytime of the year and find different ways to wear a Gucci belt and cool styling tips...

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How to wear and style your Gucci belt:

Gucci belt and white shirt


You safest bet is to go simple. Denim, a classic white shirt and your belt. This will also make the belt standout as the statement of the outfit, but in an effortless way. This is great for morning looks, but you want to take to the evening, just add on a pair of heeled strappy sandals and a red lip. 

Gucci belt with shorts


For a cute summer look and more a sophisticated take on shorts, you can add your belt to make your outfit more everyday chic and less beachwear, if that's what you going for. This type of look, looks great with a simple shirt and sneakers or sandals. 

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How to wear a Gucci belt with skirts

طرق تنسيق حزام جوتشي مع ملابسك

If you're a fan of skirts, whether they're pleated skirts or satin skirts, which have been trending lately, you can experiment by styling them with you Gucci belt for an elegant chic look. Just tuck in your top and throw on a blazer if you're going a little more formal

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Wearing a Gucci Belt with Dresses

طرق تنسيق حزام جوتشي مع ملابسك

1. If your choice is to wear a casual dress, it is preferable to choose a relatively wide Gucci belt. But, for the evening dress, go for a thin belt.

2. The belt can be the same color as the dress if you want to define your waist and elongate your look.

3. If you're tall, you can choose a Gucci belt that is in a different color from the dress.

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How to wear a Gucci belt with a blazer

طرق تنسيق حزام جوتشي مع ملابسك

1. Choose a belt that is the same color as your blazer, or you can totally rely on a black belt, which is easy to coordinate with different colors. Try to secure it well at the waist to have more definition.

2. If you don't want to close your blazer, you can wear your belt with your pants and leave the blazer open.

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Note: If you want to have an elongated look, choose pants that are the same color as your belt, but if you're tall you can pick another color.

Gucci belt with sweaters


1. Pick pants that are the same color as your Gucci belt and tuck the front part of you sweater inside your pants.

2. If your sweater is Oversized and long, you can use the belt to define the sweater at your waist.

How to wear a Gucci belt with a cardigan

طرق تنسيق حزام جوتشي مع ملابسك

Pick a belt that is of medium width and wear it at the waist of your cardigan for a flattering defined look.

Note: If you want an elongated look, choose a cardigan that is of the same color as your Gucci belt.