9 Chanel Bags That Will Never Go out of Style

Mai Atef
12/16/19, 12:00 AM

Chanel bags are an important piece and an investment for a lot of women. Especially those who love their classic timeless fashion. A classic Chanel bag is timeless, elegant, strong, feminine and chic. For a lot of women Chanel bags are considered jewelry, you invest in them, take care of them and pass them on to your daughters. So when it comes to purchasing one, many prefer going for classic timeless Chanel bags that will never go out of style and can be worn with anything. That's why we brought you the 8 of the most classic and popular Chanel handbags...

The Chanel Boy Bag


The Chanel Boy Bag is one of the most popular Chanel bags in modern times. It is loved for its versatility and can be worn for the day, afternoon and evening. It's a simple but structured design with a long crossbody strap and a thick chain. It comes in a lot of designs, adapting to the year and trends, but you can always buy a classic back or white one. 

The Chanel Classic Handbag


This is an 'look elegant all the time, any time' bag. This is one of the most classic Chanel bags, that is especially beautiful for evening wear if you buy a patent one. It comes in a lot of different colors, patterns and fabrics. It has the classic Chanel intertwined leather chain strap and has the classic pocket on the back. 

The Chanel 19 Flap Bag

There are so many different styles and forms of this bag. This is one of the more recent designs with smooth leather and a two-toned chain strap. The Chanel 19 Flap bag can be gorgeous for causal looks, as well as elegant evening outfits as well. It's also practical and this size is very reasonable if you carry a lot of things around. 

The Chanel Shopping Bag

Chanel's version of a tote comes in a lot of designs. This is a very timeless one for those looking for classic look. If you like large bags, this is the one for you. It's also good for work and office days, as well as busy errand days. 

The Chanel 19 Tweed Flap Bag

We're back with the flap bag, but this time with another classic Chanel touch...tweed. We couldn't leave tweed behind, because for a lot of people the first thing that comes to mind when they think of Chanel is tweed. This is a houndstooth pattern in shades that we think are classic and would go with anything. It's a very chic bag that screams Chanel.

The Chanel Wallet On Chain Bag

This could be a lot of people's first Chanel bag. It's a very small, almost wallet-like bag. It's literally for anytime, anywhere and can be worn with anything. It also has the classic Chanel bag look with the quilted leather and strap. 

The Chanel Drawstring Bag

The Chanel Drawstring Bucket Bag is an important design that that has found its way in a lot of women's wardrobes. Chanel 'Chanelified' the bucket bag and made it not only a staple but a chic version of the practical shaped handbag. 

The Chanel Gabrielle Bag

Designed by Karl Lagerfeld and named after Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel herself. It is definitely an interesting shape, and a very appealing one to a lot of women. It comes in a small and a bigger size, depending on your needs. It's very chic and classic but also very unique and special.


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