What Colors Match With Blue? 7 Colors to Try, 33 Outfits to Inspire You
Farida Abdel Malek
11/9/20, 12:00 AM

You love to see us talk about color and we've seen a lot of people looking for different color combinations and curiosity about which colors go with whaat, especially what colors match with blue. So here's a mini guide on what to wear with blue and some of the best blue color combination outfit ideas...

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Blue with yellow outfits

Blue and yellow outfits

I've seen this combination with very specific shades of yellow, mostly mustards and buttery yellows and paired with slightly deeper shades of blue or those playing in the cerulean area. You can also finish off the outfit with whites or even more blue...

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Blue and green outfit ideas

Blue and green outfit ideas

This was one of the most common and popular color combinations out there. Pinterest is full of blue and green outfit ideas and we've also written an article before about wearing these two together...you can check it out in the link below. It seems that a limey pastely green is really popular with blue and so is mint green. They look so beautiful together and you can always balance it out with white or even some grey. 

How to wear blue with orange 

Blue and orange outfit ideas

Orange is really scary for a lot of people, but when done right it can be a masterpiece. I feel like when it comes to wearing orange and blue together it's go big or go home. Their brightness is their beauty and when embraced can be really powerful. However, for those looking for subtler options, you can wear a cerulean blue with a tangerine or go for a deep or navy blue to tone down the brightness of the orange. 

Blue and white outfit ideas

Blue and white outfit ideas

I guess white is our go to when it doubt, and rightfully so. However, with lighter and brighter shades of blue it looks exceptionally exceptional. You can play around with color in other elements of the outfit like the shoes or bags, but even a full white and blue outfit looks interesting and easy to wear. 

Blue and black outfit


A lot of people fear wearing blue and navy with black...a fashion rule i've broken way too many times and enjoyed doing so. Blues can actually look really beautiful with black, especially a bright royal blue, a teal or cerulean. There's also something really beautiful about the contrast between black and a baby blue.

How to wear blue and reds together

Blue and red outfit ideas

By reds, we mean all the different tones of red, especially because this is a tricky color pairing and so you need to find the perfect shade of blue with the perfect shade of red or even burgundy. We found that a really bright red with a royal blue go beautifully together, but is definitely a statement. For a more subtle look, you can go for more muted raspberry reds or the ones that are borderline burgundy. You can also keep the red subtle in your outfit, like as an accessory, bag or shoes. 

Blue with beiges and browns

Blue and beige outfit ideas

Nudes and browns are usually a safe option for a lot of people and they really go with navy, so you can stay with deeper blues or muted sky blues. For a pop of color you can go for a bright blue and bring it out with an equally popping brown, like this outfit on the right. 

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