We are very excited this week. As you know, we are love a pop of color. So when you chose for us to talk about how to wear orange on this week's Friday Fashion fits, we were too happy. So we started to look for ideas of orange color combinations and what color to wear with orange, so you can see a nice variety of options...

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Don't forget to scroll down to the gallery below to see more orange outfit ideas and inspiration for  what colour to wear with orange…

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How to wear and style orange

Soft and simple orange outfits

Soft and simple orange outfit ideas

Your outfit doesn't have to be a bold statement in order to wear orange. You can still end up with a minimal and simple look, while having a pop of orange incorporated. For example, you can wear an orange sweater with dark, neutral pants or even jeans. You can add a muted colored jacket or blazer over an orange sweater to tone it down and so that not so much of the bright orange comes through. Also, you can wear orange pants and have the rest of the outfit be completely neutral.

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How to wear a monochrome orange outfit?

monochrome orange outfit

This takes a little boldness but it does look cool. With the right shade of orange for you, you can rock this monochrome modern look. You don't have to go for a neon orange if you're worried, there are some more muted tones. You can choose your entire look from the same shade or coordinate different shades of orange in the same look, like the outfit in the middle. Also, if you feel that it's too much, you can break the orange color with a bag or shoes of a different color, like the outfit on the left.

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What bright colors to wear with orange?

what colors match with orange clothing

And if you love colors and love to wear them together, we think orange a joker card here. We mentioned above it can be worn with dark and neutral colors, and now we're telling you that it can also be worn with other bright shades, looking completely different and unique, depending on what you paired it with. You can wear it with certain shades of red, green, purple and pink.

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Orange accessories

Bright orange accessories

Also, if you love orange, but you don't like wearing it with clothes, you can still enjoy the beautiful color with your accessories. You can try a bright orange bag, shoes or even earrings.