With many headscarf options available, many hijabi women just don't know how to pick the right headscarf color to match their outfit. Yes, I know it's a dilemma! However, there are must-have hijab colors, that every hijabi woman should own, which will help you to get dressed easier every day. So, here's a list with seven hijab colors that can be worn with most outfits.

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Now scroll through, to see how you can match these headscarf colors with different hijab looks...

1. White Headscarf


White is a basic color that can match different many of your clothes. Choose a white headscarf in cotton if you want to wear it with casual outfits, and go for a white headscarf in satin or chiffon if you're wearing something more formal.

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2. Black Headscarf


A black headscarf is really a must-have in every hijabi's wardrobe; it can save the situation when your look includes many colors, prints or details.

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3. Grey Headscarf


Grey is one of the neutral headscarf colors that should exist in your closet as a hijabi woman. It can match outfits that include navy, white or any bright colors such as yellow, turquoise or deep red.

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4. Beige Headscarf


If you consider beige/nude handbags and shoes as essentials, then you also need a beige headscarf. Beige/nude shades are so trendy, and you need this classic headscarf color to match different looks.

5. Camel Headscarf


You'd think camel is similar to beige, but the shades are in fact different. A camel headscarf can be worn with any light-colored outfits, for example white, and it can also match black and dark-colored outfits.

6. Burgundy Headscarf


The color burgundy matches different skin tone shades, and that's why every hijabi should own a burgundy headscarf. You won't regret it!

7. Dark Brown Headscarf


If you want a dark-colored headscarf but don't want to wear black, then a dark brown headscarf will be a perfect choice.