Styling a colorful blazer was the choice of most of you on our social media this week. It is one of the most popular pieces for summer fashion, especially for Hijabis. So, today we'll show you how to wear colorful blazers with hijab with these 34 different outfits, so you can wear them in different ways and different occasions. 

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Don't forget to scroll down to the gallery below for some colorful blazer hijab outfit ideas…

Here's how to wear a colorful blazer hijab outfit:

Monochrome colored blazer outfit


This is great ideas for a bright colorful that is still chic and modern. Match the rest of your outfit to your blazer color for a gorgeous monochrome look. If you feel that the look needs a little something more, you can break it by adding a bag with a different color, or try wearing a neutral colored veil like beige.

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Colorful blazer with jeans


If you are looking for an easy and fast way to wear colored blazers, there is nothing better than the jeans, in whatever shape or shade they are. They work with boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, skinny jeans and even bootleg.

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Matching colors for a colorful blazer outfit


You know when you see a nice bright colored blazer in a store and hesitate to get it thinking, "what color would I wear with that?" You can actually match and mix colors to have beautiful colorful outfit, especially if your blazer is pastel yellow, green, purple, or pink. As for the veil, you can go neutral or wear something in the same shades.

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Colorful blazers with printed pants


The vast majority of girls hesitate to wear prints with colors. However, these outfits above show how gorgeous the combination is when you wear colorful blazers with patterned or printed pants.  This was the choice of a lot fashion bloggers and it's perfect for a day look or even an evening look when paired with heels.

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