Trying out new chiffon hijab wraps is something that crosses the path of many hijabis, including myself.  Whatever hijab scarf material you have in your closet, you can always find creative and refreshing new hijab styles to try. For this article, we're showing you chiffon headscarf wrap ideas for your 2020 wardrobe.

Are you a loose hijab wrap kind of girl? Find out which wrap is the best for your face shape.

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Don't forget to scroll down to the gallery below for some more chiffon hijab wrap ideas...

Chiffon hijab wrap according to your face shape


If you have a rectangular or oval face shape, wearing a loose wrap while showing a part of your bandana will be really flattering for your face shape. If you are a square, heart or round face shape, you can wear the traditional tighter hijab wrap so it can define the face.

Ever thought of how your makeup application can depend on your face shape, as well?

Chiffon hijab wrap ideas tutorial

Sometimes we all need a step by step guide, so we can clearly see how to perfectly wrap our hijab the way we want it. Here's an awesome video with 6 chic hijab wraps with a chiffon scarf to give your a fresh new look. 

Looking for another hijab wrap tutorial. Check out this turban wrap!

Side turban chiffon hijab style tutorial

To be honest with you, I used to think that wrapping a turban with a chiffon scarf would be impossible. But, I found that chiffon scarves can be easily wrapped into a turban style wrap if you wear a cotton bandana underneath to stop it from slipping. 

Chiffon hijab styles for everyday


Hijab fashion bloggers are always an inspiration for styling chiffon scarves. We loved these casual everyday looks with a more interesting and beautiful chiffon hijab wrap. So, if you are looking for more unconventional ways to style your chiffon scarf, Hijab fashion bloggers should be your inspiration destination. 

Chiffon hijab styles for evening looks


We all need some hijab evening looks ideas and inspiration.

Some girls think that a chiffon scarf would only be suitable for a day look, but it can actually work for formal and evening looks as well. All you have to do is choose a suitable wrap and color to go perfectly with your dress.