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| by Jasmine Kamal

Friday Fashion Fits: How You Can Wear and Style Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow is undoubtedly a very popular color right now. So we made a poll on Instagram for you to pick between it and lime green for styling tips and you chose for us to show you how to wear mustard yellow and style it. It’s not the simplest of colors and so you might be a little worried about it, but we’re pretty sure these mustard yellow outfit ideas below could very likely change your mind...

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Don't forget to scroll down to the gallery below to see what to wear with mustard yellow…

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How to wear and style mustard yellow:

Mustard yellow pants


Many think that they can’t pull off yellow pants, but the truth is they look great on everyone! It’s just about finding the right fit for you, like any other pants. You can try a flattering high waisted fit or even short flared pants. You can tone down the yellow by wearing them with neutral colors such as black or white. But you can also mix it up with pink, purple and more…

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Mustard yellow pantsuits


A pantsuit is such a powerful piece that we believe you should really try out. They’re suitable for work, an afternoon look and you can dress it up for the evening. If you’re wearing it casually, wear it with sneakers. For the evening you can dress it up with a glamorous blouse, heels and a clutch. And yes it looks magnificent in mustard yellow.

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Mustard yellow bags


If you’re feeling like your outfit is a little basic, needing a statement, it’s a great time to pull out a bright colored bag....and a mustard one won’t disappoint. It will add a completely different vibe to your look, and will be really eye-catching in a good way. You can pick the shape or size according to your needs and preferences. This look is also great for those not wanting to go as bold as wearing a mustard yellow outfit, but still want to style the color one way or another.

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Mustard yellow dresses


Dresses are a staple and this time we’re recommending mustard yellow dresses. It’s a lively color, it looks beautiful in a dress and is flattering on many different skin tones. It’s also surprisingly elegant and you can wear it with beautiful nude shoes and bags.

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