When it comes to knowing how to mix and match pastel colors, you're lucky because the best thing about pastels is that they mostly all go together because of their common pale and white undertones. They're very popular in fashion because for some people it's more comfortable to go for an all pastel outfit than to go for a bright colored outfit. If you're not sure how to wear pastel colors together, these looks and tips will give you a lot of helpful ideas. 

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Pastel yellow looks great with pinks and lavenders


You can't go wrong with matching pastel yellow with pastel pinks and lavenders. They're a match made in heaven and pastel yellow is a trend this year so you'll find a lot of options online. If it's still a little chilly pair a pastel yellow sweater with chinos or loose pants. You can also throw on a pastel pink blazer for your work meetings. 

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Wearing pastel blue with green...


We've talked before about how great blue and green can look together and it also applies to their pastel shades as well. This is a great look to go for with a pantsuit. You can go for contrast by having one of the shades stronger than the other or you can have them blend in together by wearing more faded tones of the both colors. Mixing in a bit or lavender or yellow won't hurt either!

There's also the classic blue shade that Pantone announced to be this year's color of the year...here's how to wear it.

Muted and soft pastel tones


If too much color scares you, you can go always for more muted or neutral shades of pastel and pair colors that are from a closer color family, like pale rose, pastel oranges and yellows. You can also be more subtle with your outfit, you don't have to incorporate too many pieces of color. You can just throw on a pastel coat or keep the outfit simple with just a t-shirt and pants. 

Pastel accessories 


Don't forget accessories, they can actually be exactly the touch of pastel you need, especially with items like colorful pastel tights, which a huge trend this year. Accessorizing is a good way to add more subtle touches of pastel if you're not sure about going all out. A bag and shoes can be a great way to mix and match pastel colors as well.

Accessorizing is a magic tool to turn your outfit from 'meh' to stunning...