The color YELLOW, is one of the top of the color trends of 2020 and anytime you go shopping you'll be able to find it in most stores. If you're anything like me and a lover for all bright colors, then you usually buy any popping color piece you like first, then worry about how you'll style it with the rest of your wardrobe later.

So, for today's Friday Fashion Fits series according to the results of your votes on our Instagram and Facebook Stories last Tuesday, I'll be discussing with you all the stylish ways to wear yellow colored pieces with your outfits.

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Colors you can style with yellow:

There are many popping colors that match really well with yellow for the 2020 trends, especially in winter. For the daring fashionistas out there, you can match yellow outfits with shades of green, fuchsia, purple, red or blue. If you're looking for a more subtle look, match your yellow outfit with neutral colors like camel, beige, black or white.


How to style yellow coats

Bright colored coats is one of the major winter trends for 2020, and that includes the yellow coats and jackets in all of it's different shades, from sunny yellow to mustard. Yellow coats look extra stylish with casual chic outfits, pair it with leather pants, jeans or pleated skirts.


Styling yellow pants outfits

Like colored coats, pants in popping colors like yellow have also been a huge trend in 2020. You can see fashion bloggers rocking them all the time in all the different cuts and styles. Pair your yellow pants with pastels or bright colors for a trendy look or go for a classic approach with a neural colored blazer.


How to wear yellow for formal outfits

Yes, you can wear yellow for a formal or business look. If you like to make a statement, go for a monochromatic look in yellow with a full pants suit. If you're looking for a more elegantly stylish approach, try an '80s inspired outfit by pairing an oversized blazer with a mini skirt.


How to wear pastel yellow/pale yellow with your outfits?

If you find the brighter shades of yellow to much for you, then you can still go for this trendy color in its pastel tones. Neutral colors look extra chic when paired together such as greys, white, black and baby blue. For an added touch of flair you can try a full yellow look combining different shades together.


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