Your Ultimate Guide to the Top and Best Trends in Winter 2020

Mai Atef
1/13/20, 12:00 AM

It's about time we gave you a full wrap up of the best 2020 winter fashion trends. We all secretly love winter fashion more than anything else and since this winter seems like it's going to be a long one, we're going to breaking down the top and most popular fashion trends in winter 2020...from colors, sleeves, to materials and throwback decade trends

So, here are the top winter fashion 2020 trends:

The 2020 Color Trends 


The colors that were most seen on the runway were neons, greens especially olive green, orange, blues, including Pantone's color of the year...which you can check out here, purple, red, yellow, pink, and cyan...

The 70s, 80s and 90s Fashion Trend 


Trends are still throwing it back to the 70s, 80s and 90s. We saw a lot of vests, long coats and short dresses re-emerging to our time in fashion. There are also a lot of 80s inspired trends like bold colors and dramatic fits, like puff sleeves and plaid. 

Loose over-sized blouses are also very prominent now, coming back from both the 80s and a bit of the 90s. High-waisted jeans and graphic T-shirts also made appearances, as well as ripped wide jeans which were really popular in the 90s.  Also, straight non-fitted dresses with spaghetti straps are back with force. 

The Bows Trend


It's all about big bows, like we saw with JLo at the 2020 Golden Globes. This trend started making an appearance last year, it's continuing all the way to winter and we're predicting spring as well. It can be incorporated in different ways, especially for formal wear, wether it's a small bow at the neck of your shirt or a big dramatic one all over your dress.

The Puff Sleeves 2020 Trend


We cannot stop talking about this trend. Puff sleeves are one of the year's most popular fashion trends. Very 80s and very cool with tops, jackets and dresses. Most of the designers made sure to translate them on the runway, in their own way and add their touch to it.

So there are two types of puffy sleeves, the more structured sleeve that can be seen with a lot of tops and jackets or the more dramatic balloon-like sleeves that are more similar to how it was in the 80s and they are very popular with dresses.

The Unisex Trend


Who doesn't love just pulling out clothes from their dad's or husband's closet. Suits, oversized blazers and boy fitted shirts are very in this year. Loose-fitted suits are great because they suit everyone. You can literally start shopping at the men's department and no one would know the difference. Also, let's not forget how comfortable they are. 

The 2020 Lingerie/Sleepwear Trend


Sexy, comfortable and very chic. Slips and going out pajamas have been in for a while, but we couldn't help but notice how it keeps getting better and better. Silk and satin are 2 of the top fabrics this year. This trend is amazing for both winter and summer, although in winter it's best to stay in doors or throw on a wool coat. We've also seen celebrities really rock this trend, you can check it out here

Puffer Jackets 2020 Trend


Luckily one the most warming clothing items is also a huge trend this year. Puffer jackets are not just for snow anymore, they're a great fashion statement. If you need to stay warm without comprising your look, find yourself a great puffer jacket like these ones...

Loose Pants Trend


Loose pants are everything this year, from spring/summer all the way to winter. The best thing about them is how versatile and comfortable they feel and look. They're of course great for formal wear but you can also throw on a sweater and they can look just as great.

Maxi Skirts Trend


Skirts in general have been really back on trend, especially maxi skirts and especially pleated skirts or satin skirts. Maxi skirts are also versatile and can be worn in so many different ways. They've also been seen in plaid and with side slits.

Leather Fashion Trend


Winter and leather go so well together and this year it's about everything leather, not just boots, bags and jackets. But also dresses, pants, skirts and even tops. Also, if you're used to seeing black leather dresses, this winter they also come in red, burgundy, yellow and many bright shades. We've also seen a couple of leather suits in green and purple.

Feathers Trend


You've probably seen this trend on the red carpet a lot this year. It started out with simple feather detailing, but now it's all feather looks, especially with dresses. You can also try the trend more subtly with feather sleeves or a cool feather coat. 

The Tweed Trend 


The Coco Chanel classic isn't going anywhere. It has become a very popular fabric for this winter, giving off many chic elegant and strong empowering looks. It can also be very warming for winter and in stores you will see a lot of tweed dresses, skirts, jackets or even suits.

The 2020 Houndstooth Trend


The pattern that took over last fashion week's runway and now our Instagram feed. It comes and goes in fashion throughout the years, and this year it's about going all out with the pattern with bright colors and magnified prints, even on tights.


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