If you're looking for trendy plus size coats, you've come to the right place. Coats, in our humble opinion, are one the most flattering clothing items. We surfed multiple online stores to find you some of the best winter coats for curvy women and managed to find these options to be diverse and really flattering and to highlight your sexy curves. Keep reading and get ready to go crazy shopping.

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Flattering coat styles

First of all, let's start with the flattering cuts everyone can keep in mind when looking for a flattering coat. Try to find something structured and blazer-style like the one on the right. It will look really chic and give your shoulders sexy definition. A cropped coat is also super trendy and stylish, and the button (second picture) make it stand out. Moreover, the details and cut of the one coat on the left make it a unique outwear that will surely make your outfit more stunning.

Zara - Stradivarius - Zara

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Belted Coats 

 Mango - Zara -  H&M

A coat with a belt at the waist is extremely flattering as it accentuates the waist and make it slimmer. It also highlights the curves and brings nice, simple, and effortless detail to a look. 

Puffer Coats

Pull&Bear - H&M - Mango

Puffer jackets and coats have become a must-have staple for winter. They keep you warm like no other piece of clothing. We found that the ones with a bit of sheen are really flattering. Going for a coat that's a little oversized is really cool for casual looks and for layering too. The best thing this winter is that there are several colors and shades that you can choose from to match your outfits and make your entire look more special.

Patterned Coats 

Mitcha - LC WAIKIKI - Defacto

Be daring enough to style patterns and prints. They're beautiful and really powerful, especially on a coat. These are some our favorite ones found in stores. Pick the fit and fabric you prefer and don't be scared of experimenting with how you style them, whether you're going to dress them up or down.

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Long Winter Coats

Brantu - Max - Stradivarius

Long coats elongate the body, so they can be really flattering with tights or bare legs. If you're petite, you can go for a coat that sits a little bit below the knee as a longer one can make you look like you're sinking in your clothes.

Oversized Coats

H&M - Jumia - Zara

Oversized is the new sexy effortless look. They're perfect for quick errands, casual looks, or even dressy occasions. All you have to do is to learn how to style them differently according to where you're heading. These are some of the coolest ones we found.

Leather Coats

Brantu - Defacto - Zara

Leather jackets or coats are winter staples that are extremely trending right now, in all their shapes and forms. You can't go wrong with an oversized leather blazer or coat. We love these ones, especially the belted ones so they can highlight your curves. 

Faux-Fur Coats

Mango - Defacto - Zara

Although some people might think that faux-fur coats aren't that flattering, we think they can be. It's just about finding the right one for you. If you're tall, go for longer, bigger ones. The color also makes a huge difference and fabrics like fleece are really popular right now. It keeps you warm and you will enjoy feeling very luxurious leaving the house.

Main image credit: @katewas_